1st Edition

Coaching Psychology Constructivist Approaches

By Jelena Pavlović Copyright 2021
    136 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    136 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Coaching Psychology: Constructivist Approaches presents a comprehensive overview of constructivist approaches to individual, group and team coaching. Jelena Pavlović introduces key ideas and explores a variety of models, tools and techniques, setting out a landscape of constructivist psychology as applied to coaching.

    Beginning with an overview of constructivism in contemporary psychology, the book elaborates on key processes of discursive and narrative construction of self. A variety of constructivist approaches to coaching, including personal and relational construct, narrative, appreciative, systemic and solution focused, are offered with basic principles, operating models and coaching techniques. Pavlović also introduces a constructivist model for coaching teams, illustrated with case studies, and sets out a framework and guidelines for training coaches in this approach.

    Coaching Psychology: Constructivist Approaches offers an innovative resource for coaches in practice and in training, particularly those seeking to understand how constructivist approaches can be used to develop individuals, groups and teams.

    Introduction: Constructivist coaching psychologies

    PART 1. Coaching the self as a construction

    Chapter 1. Constructivist views of self and identity

    PART 2. Constructivist coaching psychologies: principles, models and techniques

    Chapter 2. Personal and relational construct coaching

    Chapter 3. Appreciative coaching

    Chapter 4. Solution-focused coaching

    Chapter 5. Narrative coaching

    Chapter 6. Systemic coaching

    Chapter 7. Towards integration

    PART 3. Constructivist group and team coaching

    Chapter 8. Constructivist group coaching

    Chapter 9. Constructivist team coaching

    PART 4. Training constructivist coaches

    Chapter 10. Designing and delivering constructivist coach training programs

    Conclusion: Anticipating the future of constructivist coaching psychologies


    Jelena Pavlović, PhD, is founder and Managing Director of Koučing centar and Assistant Professor of Organizational Development and Change, Department of Psychology, University of Belgrade, Serbia.

    "What a great and useful addition to the coaching literature – a book that brings together constructivist, relational, systemic and narrative approaches to coaching and shows how they fit together. A book that is both practical and well-grounded in the theory." - Professor Peter Hawkins, global thought leader and author of many books on leadership and coaching

    "Constructivist approaches offer substantial advantages to coaches working in complex contexts and this book provides a succinct but robust application of constructivist psychology to coaching. The book not only offers an accessible introduction to a range of constructivist approaches, but provides a useful integration of these approaches. This is an invaluable resource for coaches and coach educators seeking to build a coherent approach which is able to span individual, group and team coaching. The book is packed with tools and case studies to support application in practice. This is definitely on the top of my recommended reading list for coaching students." - Roger Maitland, PhD, University of Stellenbosch Business School, South Africa; Director, LifeLab

    "FINALLY! At last a book on coaching that is firmly grounded in constructivist / constructionist philosophy! Anyone who is interested in a well-founded, easy to understand description and explanation should pick up this book. You will never think about coaching the same way afterward. This book will be on my list of recommended readings to my coaching students the second it comes out. Congratulations Jelena!" - Kirsten Dierolf, MA, MCC, MASFP, founder and owner of SolutionsAcademy

    "This book summarizes rich practical experience rooted in a constructivist approach to individual, group and team coaching. It is a successful attempt to provide a blend of hands on tools and leading academic theories. Recommended!" - Benjamin Croft, founder and chairman, WBECS Group and EthicalCoach

    "Coaching discipline is only at the early stage of developing a solid theoretical platform for practice. Jelena Pavlović takes a very productive step in this direction by introducing an elaborate spectrum of constructivist approaches to coaching practice. I am particularly glad to see Personal Construct Psychology being first in her selection of theories – a place it truly deserves." - Tatiana Bachkirova, Professor of Coaching Psychology and Director of the International Centre for Coaching and Mentoring Studies, Oxford Brookes University, UK