1st Edition

Coaching Supervision Voices from the Americas

    340 Pages 39 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    340 Pages 39 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This edited collection brings together an impressive and international array of coaching supervisors to highlight the unique cultural and contextual aspects of coaching supervision in the Americas, exploring current theory, research, and practice.

    Offering fresh insights into a growing field, Francine Campone, Joel DiGirolamo, Damian Goldvarg, and Lily Seto expertly present the nuances of coaching supervision principles and practices in the Americas. The book is organized into three parts. Part 1 introduces the range of cultures and values that inform approaches to and beliefs about coaching supervision in the Americas, such as racial justice, working with indigenous communities, and providing culturally sensitive coaching supervision. Part 2 presents adaptations of coaching supervision models and methods to align with Americas contexts, as well as uniquely introducing an original model for coaching supervision rooted in an Americas perspective. Incorporating theory with practitioner’s experiences throughout, Part 3 presents chapters that offers avenues for increasing awareness and interest in coaching supervision in the Americas, including chapters on coach wellbeing and the developmental journey of the coach.

    Coaching supervisors work across borders and boundaries, and this book will extend supervisors’ understanding of the various contexts in which they are working. It is essential reading for coaching supervisors, educators, trainers, mentors, and coaches, and it will be of interest to practitioners and graduate students in organizational development and those who oversee internal coaching programs.

    Section I: Who We are

    1. Culturally Sensitive Supervision for the Americas

    Ana L. Escalante

    2. Walking with Our Indigenous Clients and Colleagues

    Lily Seto, Mary Prefontaine, Leanne Lowish

    3. Coaching Supervision: A Study of Perceptions and Practices in the Americas

    Kimcee McAnally, Lilian Abrams, Mary Jo Asmus, Terry H. Hildebrandt

    4. Resistance to Coaching Supervision in the Americas

    Lily Seto, Damian Goldvarg, Sarah Eustice

    5. The Business Case for Coaching Supervision

    James A. Lopata

    6. Ontological and Systemic Coherence Model in Coaching Supervision

    Alicia Agüero, Angelica (Tani) Sturich

    7. Applying a Systemic, Developmental Approach

    Sarah Tennyson

    Section II: How We Work

    8. Supervision in Globally Challenging Times: Supporting Coach Well-Being

    Ken Giglio

    9. Resourcing, Restoring and Responding Through Coaching Supervision

    Sarah Evans, Alexis Chamow

    10. Internal Coaching Supervision: Insights into two US Based Cases and Perspectives

    Jerry Browning, Theodora Fitzsimmons, Jackie Arnold

    11. The Magic of Group Supervision

    Lynn Harrison, Martine Bizouard

    12. A Framework for Group Presence in Group Coaching Supervision

    Lynne DeLay, Ken Giglio

    13. An Exploration of Group Supervision

    Damian Goldvarg, Lily Seto

    14. Supervision in the Americas: Working with Virtual Technology

    Damian Goldvarg, Eve Turner

    15. The Creative Journey in Coaching Supervision

    Susie Warman

    Section III: How We Learn

    18. Understanding the Developmental Journey of the Coach Supervisee

    Pamela McLean

    17. Remaining Relevant and Fit for Purpose

    Angela Wright

    16. Introducing Supervision into Training Programs for Professional Coaches

    Elena Espinal and Adriana Rodriguez


    Francine Campone Ed.D. , MCC is a coach, mentor, supervisor and coach educator. She has published numerous studies and book chapters on coaching and coach development.

    Joel DiGirolamo is the International Coaching Federation Vice President of Research and Data Science and has published numerous articles and book chapters in the field of coaching.

    Dr. Damian Goldvarg is a Master Certified Coach, Certified Supervisor, and Past President of the International Coaching Federation. He has 30 years of experience working in more than 50 countries. He trains coaches, and mentors coaches and supervisors worldwide.

    Lily Seto, MA, PCC, ESIA is a global coach, coach supervisor, and team coach. She appreciates the diversity in all that we do as coaches.

    "North America has been one of the slowest geographies to develop Coaching Supervision, but the Editors and Authors of this book have done an amazing job in developing coach supervision across the Americas north and south. The book offers a wide range of experience and practical advice to coach supervisors and supervisees that we can all benefit from."

    Professor Peter Hawkins, Global thought leader; best-selling author on coaching, supervision, and systemic team coaching

    "As one of the very early voices of coaching supervision in the Americas, I am excited to see this thorough and rich exploration of the present and future of this important contribution to professional coaching. The book offers clear evidence that the once resisted idea of coaching supervision is now melting away. Across all the issues explored here, the center point of supervision shines brightly – deep and resonant presence and relationships informed by intense and ongoing curiosity."

    Samuel P Magill Sr, Co-director and founder, Coaching Supervision Academy – North America

    "A book title that aptly reflects what the reader can expect. An exciting new text in Coaching Supervision for a growing market. The vastness of the Americas is captured by honouring the diversity of culture that deserves the wider scope given to the definition of supervision. Refreshing new authors in the field bring together sensitivity, knowledge and practical offerings in illustrating why supervision makes sense … and it doesn’t end there with the promise of more to come with ideas for future research topics that are destined to expand the knowledge base promoting the case for supervision. A wonderfully crafted contribution for the expansion of supervision practice in the Americas."

    Lise Lewis, EMCC Past President; EMCC International Special Ambassador; Founder of Bluesky International

    "In this book the editorial team have undertaken a project to explore and extend the discussion of coaching supervision in the Americas - a project that I know is close to their hearts. As a collection, it is a welcome addition to the coaching supervision literature, in particular for its diversity of voices and its intent to celebrate that diversity in the interests of developing the discipline."

    Dr Peter Jackson, Co-director, International Centre for Coaching & Mentoring Studies, Oxford Brookes Business School

    "This book opens a window into the bigger conversations in coaching supervision. It amply demonstrates the potency of this growing practice. While ‘Coaching Supervision: Voices from the Americas’ is rooted in a particular context, it speaks vividly to the global community of coaches, mentors and supervisors. There are new and refreshing voices in these chapters, voices that skillfully address the real-world reflections that occur every day in supervision: reflections on complexity, cultural context, collective trauma, spirituality, systemic thinking and coach education. Read this book for new insights into well-established supervision models and tools, but also for understanding how coaching supervision embraces contemporary professional and political discourses."

    Edna Murdoch, Director, Coaching Supervision Academy

    "This rich and panoramic view of practice, research and education by a dedicated group of coaching supervisors offers a very timely and valuable insight into the results of comprehensive work undertaken by the ACSN to bring this practice to life in the Americas. The chapters take account of the complexities of a diverse cultural milieu and will inform and inspire readers from both within our field and the wider community that supervisors wish to serve."

    Fiona Adamson, Co-founder of Coaching Supervision Academy; co-author of Mindfulness-Based Relational Supervision, Mutual Transformational Learning

    "In parallel to the fields and practices of coaching and coaching supervision, this book offers—with great generosity of heart and wisdom—ways forward to a better future. While coaching supervision in the Americas is in a nascent state compared to the UK and Europe, we are clearly seeing differences (and similarities) that can inform the evolution of this field where art and science combine. This collection of ideas and practices is an important contribution to the coaching supervision space."

    Kathleen Stinnett, MCC & certified coaching supervisor; author of The Extraordinary Coach book