1st Edition

Coaching in Government Stories and Tips for Coaching Professionals

    254 Pages 13 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    254 Pages 13 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book captures the story of how internal coaching was introduced and has since evolved in the U.S. Federal Government. It provides coaches and government agency leaders with skills and tools to help them implement their own successful coaching programs.

    Written by leaders in the field, the book follows the stories of several pioneers who have implemented coaching programs in government, aiming to help coaches learn from their mistakes and gain from their wisdom. Filled with interviews, case studies, reflective questions, and how-to action points, each chapter accessibly highlights the successes and failures of each program's journey so that professionals can incorporate these lessons in their own practice. Chapters take readers from the beginning considerations to contemplating the future of their programs, focusing on setting a vision, overcoming issues and challenges, leveraging predictors of success, making key decisions, building foundations for sustainability, and creating continuing education for sustainment of change. Accessible and relatable, these stories will help professionals learn from those that have come before them, helping them begin the groundswell of change effectively and proactively in their own programs.

    This book is essential reading for coaches and government agency leaders, as well as for any public sector agency and any private sector organization that is interested in implementing coaching.

    1. Setting A Vision 2. Capturing the Business Case 3. Overcoming Challenges 4. Leveraging Predictors of Success 5. Starting Off Intentionally 6. Sustaining A Vibrant Program 7. Establishing Good Governance 8. Supporting Professional Development 9. Contemplating the Future 10. An Opportunity for Change Appendix 1: Tributes to Coaching Pioneers Appendix 2: Tools and Templates Appendix 3: Expanding Your Portfolio


    Dr. Theodora J. Fitzsimmons is a leadership development expert, leadership and executive coach, coach trainer, coach mentor, and coaching supervisor with decades of experience in the public and private sector.

    Marykate Behan Dougherty is a project management professional, coach, coach trainer and mentor, and leadership development expert with over 30 years of private, government, nonprofit, and international experience.

    Alan Lee Myers, MA, PCC is a leadership and organizational development professional, leadership/executive coach, coach trainer, mentor coach, coaching supervisor, and public health specialist with over 35 years of government and nonprofit experience.

    "I am delighted to endorse this publication as the authors are true leaders in the field of coaching and supervision. They are passionate about having more coaches in government, in organizations, and in the world. In addition, they champion the global view that coaching can help with significant challenges around diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility, and belonging.

    The authors have, in my view, expertly documented the lessons they learned so that others can continue their own learning and growth. Their work is innovative as they are bringing robust coaching to all government employees by creating internal coaches. This is evident as they are emphasizing the need for quality by ensuring coaches have accredited training, mentoring, and also by introducing vital coaching supervision. This results in highly skilled and professional coaches who are equipped to support senior leaders. Highly recommended."

    Jackie Arnold, Author, Researcher, accredited ICF Coach and DIP CSA Coach Supervisor

    "Settle into this journey of pioneers, tenacious practitioners, and enthusiastic educators—together developing a community of coaches within the federal government setting. This book captures the heart of their work as the authors reflect on myriad facets of the endeavor towards a sustainable coaching program.

    Engaging "hearts and minds" throughout the system is important, and for those looking for hard monetary figures, the authors provide fascinating and pragmatic insights into capturing the business case; illustrating return on investment and expectation; and inviting the reader to harness the wider system to leverage the indicators of success. The quality of our conversations matter.

    The authors illustrate how the program has changed relationships far beyond immediate coach training. In their own words: Learning to be a coach is a transformational skill for work and life and a powerful way of being that changes both the workplace and the world. With a comprehensive story to tell, and places to pause and reflect at the end of each chapter, the authors engage readers—and provide hope for those who face similar terrain in the most complex of settings."

    Jo Birch, MA FRSA, Executive Coach, Supervisor, Director of International Supervision Training Programs

    "What you will learn from Coaching in Government is just like coaching—it’s about change. The change is about envisioning, building, and sustaining a successful coaching program within government from the voice of experience."

    Joel DiGirolamo, Vice President of Research and Data Science, International Coaching Federation

    "The difference between effective and ineffective politicians and bureaucrats is how well they listen. Coaching helps those in the world of politics and government be more authentic and more connected. At the same time, it’s becoming a core skill for them to apply in learning from and with their stakeholders. I welcome the contribution this book makes to the field."

    Professor David Clutterbuck, Author, Entrepreneur, Professional Speaker, Consultant, Mentor

    "Congratulations to the contributors to this book. I’m excited to see this book coming to fruition. A good template for large organizations that want to build a coaching culture. I wish I had this when I designed the large public service program many years ago."

    Lily Seto, MA, PCC, ESIA, Canada

    "The pioneers who wrote this book deeply believed in coaching and its potential impact on the leadership and culture of the U.S. Federal Government. The book shares the history of coaching in the federal government, and how to launch, expand, and sustain coaching programs within government agencies. This book is a treasure trove of lessons learned and solid advice, and a testament to the vision of a small group of believers who persisted and have made a palpable difference for government leadership."

    Chris M. Wahl

    Former President of Georgetown University Coaching Program, Consultant LLC