1st Edition

Coaching with Careers and AI in Mind Grounding a Hopeful and Resourceful Self Fit for a Digital World

By Adina Tarry Copyright 2019

    Coaching with Careers and AI in Mind presents an integrated overview of life and career options for individuals caught in the transition to a new world of work - impacted by the fourth digital revolution - and the tension this creates. The book synthesises extensive career coaching experience, relevant models, scientific thinking, practical tips and research-based information about the future of work in a digital world. This is followed by a positive message and call to action, to build a strong personal core as a point of reference that enables change and flexible adaptation, to meet the future with hope and a better chance for success.

    Dedications; Acknowledgements; INTRODUCTION; 1.VALUING THE EXPERIENCE AND THE POWER OF PAST PRACTICE; 2.PRACTICE MEETS CURRENT SCIENCE: embracing theory and research to consolidate experiential findings; 3.THE FUTURE OF THE WORLD IN THE AGE OF LEARNING MACHINES: life and work on the cusp of the 4th industrial revolution led by AI; 4.TURNING UP FOR WORK BEYOND 2020: envisioning your professional Avatars to face the future world of work from a strong and hopeful core


    Adina Tarry is an AI strategist and professional coach, business psychologist, organisation development consultant and visiting lecturer.

    "Adina offers us a personal journey though careers coaching to provide a unique insight into both the coach and client experience through a reflective lens. She asks big questions about who we are and what we are becoming, drawing on her own experience as a coach in a growing VUCA-AI world." --Prof Jonathan Passmore, University of Evora, Portugal & Henley Business School, UK

    "‘Reality emerges and exists everywhere, all the time and all at once, like an endless web of changing content through which we constantly create our unique corridor of action and meaning’. In a similar manner, this original and fascinating narrative unfolds. Adina Tarry posits that, in the fourth – digital revolution, ‘co-existence and co-evolution’, rather than competition with AI, is the key for creating complementary knowledge. But this highly inspirational text also urges that human skills are becoming commodities which need ‘restructuring, renewal, re-evaluation and redeployment’. Building stronger human capabilities is necessary in a world shared with AI, characterised by change and complexity. And yet, as the author suggests with a strong conviction, simple acts of dialogue (i.e. crucial aspects of coaching) remain constant. They help ‘internal drivers’ of individuals to be understood within their emerging realities of work and life. This book is a pure gem, with insights on every page!" --Zorica Patel, Chartered Occupational and Registered Coaching Psychologist, Senior Lecturer, HRM Department, Westminster Business School, University of Westminster, UK

    "Using a practitioner-researcher perspective and a polymath’s thinking, Adina Tarry shares a lifetime of experience combining practice, reflection, research and development. Domains like dialectic thinking, complexity theory and individual development provide a cross disciplinary lens applied to explore the development and essence of the human mind and its constructs of reality. In turn this leads to what the author calls "the third way" – a positive and credible vision for the forthcoming digital revolution and its impact on careers, as opposed to a binary utopian or dystopian view. This book will serve all those who contemplate their own readiness for the future, with a desire to be better prepared for uncertainty and change." --Alexandru Popa-Antohi, Computer Science, Leadership Development, Executive Coach and Millennial