304 Pages
    by Informa Law from Routledge

    Part of the ""Carriage by Sea"" series, this second edition contains statistical information on coal consumption, production and trade, including comparative statistics by geographical area, together with full analysis. The carriage of coal by sea, including the specifications and problems of vessels used to carry coal, terminal operations and charterparties are also covered, as are some of the most frequently arising claims and preventative measures. The book is suitable for companies involved in the coal trades, including shipowners, operators, charterers, managers, shipbuilders and coal exporters and importers.

    Chapter 1. Coal Consumption, Production And Trade Chapter 2. Major Coal Producers Chapter 3. Major Consumers-Patterns Of Demand Chapter 4. Major Exporters Chapter 5. The Importers Chapter 6. The Ships Employed To Carry Coal Chapter 7. Problems Concerned With The Carriage Of Coal Chapter 8. The Loading, Carrying And Discharging Of Coal Chapter 9. Chartering Chapter 10. Origins Chapter 11. The Petrographic Classification Of Coal Chapter 12. The Industrial Utilization Of Coal Chapter 13. Theoretical And Practical Considerations Chapter 14. Principles Of Sampling Of Coal Chapter 15. Manual Sampling Chapter 16. Mechanical Sampling Chapter 17. Analysis Chapter 18. Problems And Dangers Chapter 19. The Role Of The Cargo Superintendent In Coal Transportation


    Phil Rogers, Brian Studd and John Strange