1st Edition

Coastal Fishery Projects

By V. Pandit Copyright 1994

    A manual on the development and reconstruction of coastal fishing areas. Coverage ranges from design conditions, through use of tidal currents for sea water flow, to improvement of water quality and breeding facilities.

    General rules; design conditions; coastal flow; littoral flow; soil conditions; general information - concrete, steel, other materials; fish culture cages; selection of type of works to improve and maintain water quality in hatcheries; improvement of bay entrance of lagoons; use of tidal currents for sea water flow and exchange in a hatchery; sea water exchange and flow caused by internal tides; structures for making waterways; structures to control tidal currents; sea water induction by waves; structure for current circulation; improvement of water quality using mechanical energy; establishment of substrate structures for adhesion; improvement of quality of bottom material; wave dampening breakwaters; breeding facilities; improvement of estuarine area.


    V. Pandit