1st Edition

Coastal Wetlands

By Harold H. Prince Copyright 1985

    This book represents the proceedings of the firstGreat Lakes Costal Wetlands Colloquium (November 5-7, 1984; East Lansing, Michigan). The theme wasNatural and Manipulated Water Levels in Great Lakes Wetlands. This material constitutes both Great Lakes wetlands and the state of understanding about them. It is intended to provide fisheries and wildlife biologists, ecologists, aquatic resource managers and planners and environmental scientists information about the coastal wetlands in regard to eight priority areas. The colloquium and publication of the proceedings were cosponsored by Sea Grant Program and Environment Canada.

    1. The Effects of Water Level Fluctuations on Great Lakes Coastal Marshes 2. Environmental Influences on the Distribution and Composition of Wetlands in the Great Lakes Basin 3. Vegetation Dynamics, Buried Seeds, and Water Level Fluctuations on the Shorelines of the Great Lakes 4. Preliminary Observations on the Flux of Carbon, Nitrogen, and Phosphorus in a Great Lakes Coastal Marsh 5. Nutrient Cycling by Wetlands and Possible Effects of Water Levels 6. Avian Wetland Habitat Functions Affected by Water Level Fluctuations 7. Avian Response to Wetland Vegetative Cycles 8. Relationships of Water Level Fluctuations 9. Simplified Computation of Wetland 10. Wetland Valuation: Policy versus Perception 11. Ontario�s Wetland Evaluation System with Reference to Some Great Lakes Coastal Wetlands 12. Significant Wetlands in Southern Ontario Interim Provincial Report � 1984 13. Wetland Threats and Losses in Lake St. Clair 14. Human Interference with Natural Water Level Regimes in the Context of Other Cultural stresses on Great lakes Wetlands 15. Control of Cattail and Bulrush by Cutting and Flooding 16. Marsh Management by Water Level Manipulation or Other Natural Techniques- A Community Approach


    Harold H. Prince