Coated Textiles : Principles and Applications, Second Edition book cover
2nd Edition

Coated Textiles
Principles and Applications, Second Edition

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ISBN 9781420053456
Published November 28, 2007 by CRC Press
258 Pages 96 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Initially written to pull together scattered literature in polymer science and textile technology, the first edition of Coated Textiles: Principles and Applications became a gold standard resource in this field. Completely revised and updated, this second edition reflects not only the latest developments in the field, but also explores future possibilities. The book covers the materials used in coatings and their chemistry, textile substrates, coating methods, properties of fabrics after coating, rheology of coating, applications of coated fabrics, and test methods in chronological order.

New topics in the Second Edition:

·         Coating with stimuli-sensitive polymers and intelligent textiles

·         Nanomaterial coating to produce soil-resistant fabrics

·         Breathable coating for health care garments

·         Adhesives and foam for laminates

·         Research trends such as temperature-adaptable fabrics, silicone coating for airbag fabrics, healthcare garments, intumescent coating, coating materials, and coating methods

The author provides a detailed discussion that includes diverse applications of coated fabrics, rheology, smart coating, physical properties of coated fabrics, as well as the underlying principles of test methods. The book includes applications and explores coating with functional materials such as dyes, fragrances, phase change materials, smart polymers and nanomaterials for special applications.

With applications in defense, transportation, healthcare, architecture, space, sports, environmental pollution control, and other diverse end-product uses, coated textiles is a multibillion dollar industry. Following in the footsteps of its bestselling predecessor, the second edition compiles information from various sources into one convenient, easily accessible resource.

Table of Contents

Polymeric Materials or Coating

Rubbers: Natural and Synthetic
Polyvinyl Chloride
Acrylic Polymers
Adhesive Treatment
Foams for Laminates
Radiation-Cured Coatings

Textile Substrate for Coated Fabrics

Materials and Trends
Textile Fibers
Woven Fabrics
Knitted Fabrics
Nonwoven Fabrics
Fabric Preparation for Coating

Coating Methods

General Features
Knife Coating
Roll Coating
Dip Coating
Transfer Coating
Rotary Screen Printing
Hot-Melt Coating
Foam Coating
Lamination by Adhesives

Physical Properties of Coated Fabrics

General Characteristics
Tensile Strength
Tear Resistance
Weathering Behavior
Microbiological Degradation
Rheology of Coating
Rheological Behavior of Fluids
Rheology of Plastisols
Hydrodynamic Analysis of Coating

Waterproof Breathable Fabrics

Clothing Comfort
Impermeable Coating
Technology of Waterproof Breathable Fabrics

Nonapparel Coating

Synthetic Leather
Architectural Textiles
Fluid Containers
Automotive Applications
Carpet Backing
Fusible Interlining

Coating with Functional Materials

Thermochromic Fabrics
Temperature-Adaptable Fabrics
Fragrance Release Fabric
Fabrics for Chemical Protection
Camouflage Nets
High-Visibility Garments
Intumescent Coating
Metal and Conducting Polymer-Coated Fabrics
Coating Smart Polymers and Nanomaterials
Smart Polymer Coating and Laminates
Nanotechnology in Textiles

Test Methods

Coating Mass per Unit Area (BS 3424, IS 7016 pt.1)
Degree of Fusion of Curing of Coating (BS 3424, ASTM D 4005-81)
Blocking (BS 3424, IS 7016 pt.9)
Coating Adhesion (BS 3424, ASTM D-751, IS 7016 pt.5)
Accelerated Aging (BS 3424, IS 7016 pt.8 based on ISO /R 1419-1970)
Flexibility —Flat Loop Method (IS 016 pt. 11 Based on ISO 5979-1982)
Stiffness of Fabric —Cantilever Test (IS 649)
Damage Due to Flexing (BS3424, IS 7016 pt.4, ASTM D 2097)
Abrasion Resistance (ASTM D-3389, BS 3424)
Test for Colorfastness to Dry and Wet Rubbing (BS 3424, IS 1259)
Low-Temperature Bend Test (ASTM D 2136, IS 7016 pt. 10, based on ISO 4675-90)
Low-Temperature Impact Test (BS 3424, ASTM D-2137, IS 7016 pt.14)
Cone Test (IS 7941)
Water Repellency —Spray Rating (IS 390, AATCC 22-1996)
Resistance to Water Penetration (ASTM D-751, BS 3424, IS 7016, pt. 7)
Flame Resistance of Fabric (IS 11871, BS 3119)
Air Permeability (BS 3424)
Water Vapor Permeability (ASTM E-96-80)
Resistance to Permeation by Hazardous Liquid Chemicals (ASTM F 739-96)
Resistance to Penetration or Permeation of Chemical Warfare Agents
Resistance to Penetration by Blood Borne Pathogens (ASTM F1671-97b)
Electrical Resistivity of Fabrics (AATCC 76-1995)
Appendices Index

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