Coatings Materials and Surface Coatings: 1st Edition (Hardback) book cover

Coatings Materials and Surface Coatings

1st Edition

Edited by Arthur A. Tracton

CRC Press

528 pages | 139 B/W Illus.

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Drawing from the third edition of The Coatings Technology Handbook, this text provides a detailed analysis of the raw materials used in the coatings, adhesives, paints, and inks industries. Coatings Materials and Surface Coatings contains chapters covering the latest polymers, carbon resins, and high-temperature materials used for coatings, adhesives, and varnishes today.

Featuring new and updated chapters, this text provides an in-depth examination of raw materials categorized into four types: resins, solvents, pigments, and additives. Concise chapters describe the development, chemical and physical properties, synthesis and polymerization, commercial uses, and other characteristics for each raw material and coating. In addition, the book demonstrates how application methods, environmental factors, and chemical interactions affect each surface coating's performance. Other unique topics include biocides, fluorocarbon resins, vegetable- and protein-based coatings and adhesives, gravure inks, and artists' paints.

A comprehensive, yet practical source of reference, Coatings Materials and Surface Coatings provides an excellent foundation for comparing the properties and performance of coatings and choosing suitable materials based on specific service needs and environmental factors.

Table of Contents


Acrylic Polymers, R.A. Lombardi and J.D. Gasper

Vinyl Ether Polymers, H.W. J. Müller

Poly(Styrene-Butadiene), R.W. Zempel

Liquid Polymers for Coatings, R.D. Athey, Jr.

Polyesters, H.F. Huber and D. Stoye

Alkyd Resins, K. Holmberg

The Polyurea Revolution: Protective Coatings for the 21st Century, B.R. Baxter

Phenolic Resins, K. Bourlier

Coal Tar and Asphalt Coatings, H.R. Stoner

Vulcanizate Thermoplastic Elastomers, C.P. Rader

Olefinic Thermoplastic Elastomers, J. Edenbaum

Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol Copolymer (EVOH) Resins, R.H. Foster

Elastomeric Alloy Thermoplastic Elastomers, C.P. Rader

Polyvinyl Chloride and Its Copolymers in Plastisol Coatings, J. Edenbaum

Polyvinyl Acetal Resins, T.P. Blomstrom

Polyimides, B.H. Lee

Parylene Coating, W.F. Beach

Nitrocellulose, D.M. Zavisza

Soybean, Blood, and Casein Glues, A. Lambuth

Fish Gelatin and Fish Glue, R.E. Norland

Waxes, J.D. Bower

Carboxymethylcellulose, R.M. Davis

Hydroxyethylcellulose, L.A. Burmeister

Antistatic and Conductive Additives, B. Davis

Silane Adhesion Promoters, E.P. Plueddemann

Chromium Complexes, J.R. Harrison

Nonmetallic Fatty Chemicals as Internal Mold Release Agents in Polymers, K.S. Percell, H.H. Tomlinson, and L.E. Walp

Organic Peroxides, P.A. Callais

Surfactants for Waterborne Coatings Applications, S.P. Morell

Surfactants, Dispersants, and Defoamers for the Coatings, Inks, and Adhesives Industries, J.W. Du

Pigment Dispersion, T.G. Vernardakis

Colored Inorganic Pigments, P.A. Lewis

Organic Pigments, P.A. Lewis

Amino Resins, G.D. Vaughn

Driers, M. Nowak

Biocides for the Coatings Industry, K. Winkowski

Clays, A. Khokhani

Fluorocarbon Resins for Coatings and Inks, K.A. Wood

High Temperature Pigments, H. Hatcher

Polyurethane Associative Thickeners for Waterborne Coatings, D.N. Smith and D. van Peij


Flexographic Inks, S. Gilbert

Multicolor Coatings, R.D. Athey, Jr.

Paintings Conservation Varnish, C.W. McGlinchey

Thermoset Powder Coatings, L.R. Waelde

Peelable Medical Coatings, D.A. Reinke

Conductive Coatings, R. Liepins

Silicone Release Coatings, R.P. Eckberg

Silicone Hard Coatings, E.A. Bernheim

Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives and Adhesive Products, D. Satas

Self-Seal Adhesives, L.S. Timm

Solgel Coatings, L.C. Klein

Radiation-Cured Coatings, J.V. Koleske

Nonwoven Fabric Binders, A.G. Hoyle

Fire-Retardant/Fire-Resistive Coatings, J. Green

Leather Coatings, V. Rajeckas

Metal Coatings, R.D. Athey, Jr.

Corrosion and Its Control by Coatings, C.H. Hare

Marine Coatings Industry, J. Hickey

Decorative Surface Protection Products, J.J. Shah

Coated Fabrics for Protective Clothing, N.J. Abbott

Coated Fabrics for Apparel Use: The Problem of Comfort, N.J. Abbott

Architectural Fabrics, M. Dery

Gummed Tape, M.C. Schmit

Transdermal Drug Delivery Systems, G.W. Cleary

Optical Fiber Coatings, K. Lawson

Exterior Wood Finishes, W.C. Feist

Pharmaceutical Tablet Coating, J.L. Johnson

Textiles for Coating, A. Matukonis

Nonwovens as Coating and Laminating Substrates, A.G. Hoyle

General Use of Inks and the Dyes Used to Make Them, C.D. Klein

Gravure Inks, S. Gilbert

Artist's Paints: Their Composition and History, M. Iskowitz

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