1st Edition

Cockroaches as Models for Neurobiology: Applications in Biomedical Research Volume I

By Ivan Huber Copyright 1990

    This unique book is written with the novice in mind, providing an introduction to all aspects of working with cockroaches. The focus of this writing is on the neuroendocrine system of cockroaches, which was collected by entomologists, primarily with the aim of improving methods of insect pest control. It includes some chapters devoted exclusively to techniques with detailed instructions. This comprehensive work also covers details of anatomy along with illustrations and experimental results. This is one of the few books available which provides such a broad coverage of areas of neurobiology of one organism. This handbook is a must for all researchers in the biomedical/veterinary field. Entomologists will find this reading exciting as well.

    Sectione 1: Biology 1. Biology of the Cockroach 2. Cockroach Culturing 3. Anatomy of the Cockroach Section 2: Nervous system 4. Anatomy of the Central Nervous System and its Usefulness as a Model for Neurobiology 5. Innervation and Electrophysiology of the Corpus Allatum 6. Neuroanatomical Methods Section three: Neuron Structure and Function 7. Cockroach Axons and Cell Bodies- Electrical Activity 8. Electrophysiology and Pharmacology of Synaptic Transmission in the Central Nervous System of the Cockroach 9. Neuromuscular Transmission in the Cockroach 10. Electrical and Mechanical Recording Methods 11. Cellular Responses to Nerve Injury in the Cockroach Nervous System 12. Periplaneta americana Dissociated Primary Cultures