1st Edition

Coding, Robotics, and Engineering for Young Students A Tech Beginnings Curriculum (Grades Pre-K-2)

By Ann Gadzikowski Copyright 2017
    178 Pages
    by Prufrock Press

    Coding, Robotics, and Engineering for Young Students builds foundational computer science and robotics skills and knowledge in bright Pre-K-grade 2 students. Originally developed as enrichment courses for Northwestern University's Center for Talent Development, this curriculum emphasizes active, hands-on, and collaborative learning. Students are challenged to learn computer science content, such as coding, and robotics and engineering concepts, as well as practice high-level academic skills, such as creative problem solving, computational thinking, and critical thinking. Instructional practices balance screen time with active, collaborative classroom engagement. Learning is deepened when students are challenged to navigate the transition from a virtual learning environment to a tangible learning environment. The lessons can be implemented as standalone enrichment experiences or as part of a coordinated scope and sequence that leads to higher level computer science and engineering studies.

    Grades Pre-K-2

    Introduction Tech Beginnings Curriculum Overview TRACK I: Coding Constructions Unit I: Coding Paths and Patterns: Grades Pre-K–K Unit II: Coding Levels and Layers: Grades K–1 Unit III: Learn to Code: Loops!: Grades 1–2 Unit IV: Coding Scavenger Hunt: Grade 2 TRACK II: Story Code Unit I: Story Code Alpha: Grades Pre-K–K Unit II: Story Code Beta: Grades K–1 Unit III: Story Code Gamma: Grades 1–2 Unit IV: Story Code Delta: Grade 2 TRACK III: Robot Stories Unit I: Bee-Bot Town: Grades Pre-K–K Unit II: Primo Pathways: Grades K–1 Unit III: Hexbug Habitats: Grades 1–2 Unit IV: WeDo Go: Grade 2 TRACK IV: Robot Quest (Program Your Own Adventure) Unit I: Robot Chase: Grades Pre-K–K Unit II: Robot Shortcut: Grades K–1 Unit III: Robot Reaction: Grades 1–2 Unit IV: Robot Games: Grade 2 Teacher Preparation Assessment Materials and Equipment Resources References About the Author


    Ann Gadzikowski serves as Early Childhood Coordinator for the Center for Talent Development at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. She is the author of many books for teachers and parents, including "Robotics for Young Children: STEM Activities and Simple Coding".