1st Edition

Cognition in Close Relationships

ISBN 9781138970960
Published February 27, 2017 by Psychology Press
374 Pages

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Book Description

The past decade has witnessed an explosion of interest and research on close relationships and social cognition. In both areas, numerous handbooks, textbooks, and journal articles have been published. However, it is the editors' impression that although cognitive theories and concepts have filtered through to research dealing with close relationships, much of this research reflects a relatively untutored understanding of the theoretical and empirical work in social cognition. Conversely, the research literature that provides a more sophisticated perspective on the role of cognition in close relationships typically reveals a relatively limited knowledge of the literature on close relationships.

As researchers who have worked in both social cognitive processes and close relationships, Fletcher and Fincham are convinced that each field has much to offer the other. In fact, their book is based on two important postulates: first, that a social cognitive framework offers a valuable resource for developing our understanding of close relationships; and, second, that studying cognition within close relationships has the potential to inform our understanding of basic social cognitive processes.

Table of Contents

Contents: Part I:Conceptual Foundations. G.J.O. Fletcher, F. Fincham, Attribution Processes in Close Relationships. C. Scott, R. Furhman, R. Wyer, Information Processing in Close Relationships. L. Miller, S. Read, On the Coherence of Mental Models of Persons and Relationships: A Knowledge Structure Approach. N. Cantor, J. Malley, Life Tasks, Personal Needs, and Close Relationships. T. Bradbury, F. Fincham, A Contextual Model for Advancing the Study of Marital Interaction. Part I:Cognition and Affect. J. Forgas, Affect and Cognition in Close Relationships. J. Fitness, K. Strongman, Affect in Close Relationships. P. Noller, M. Ruzzene, Communication in Marriage: The Influence of Affect and Cognition. G.J.O. Fletcher, L. Kininmonth, Interaction in Close Relationships and Social Cognition. R. Sternberg, A. Beall, How Can We Know What Love Is? An Epistemological Analysis. Part III:Applications and Extensions. C. Surra, T. Bohman, The Development of Close Relationships: A Cognitive Perspective. S. Beach, Social Cognition and the Relationship Repair Process: Toward Better Outcome in Marital Therapy. Part IV:Overview. J. Harvey, T. Orbuch, Cognition in Close Relationships: Overview and Integration.

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"This book contains a great deal of valuable information about cognition and close relationships from theoretical, empirical, and, to some extent, applied perspectives. For readers interested in social cognition, this book would be a valuable reference."
Journal of Marriage and the Family

"...this book will serve as useful guide to researchers of cognition in close relationships and to graduate students who wish to study the application of social cognitive theories to close relationship phenomena."
International Society for the Study of Personal Relationships Bulletin

"Fletcher and Fincham are major contributors to one of the most vigorous research areas within the psychology of interpersonal relationships -- the thinking about self, partner, and relationship and how one behaves within relationships. The strengths of the volume are the consistently high quality of the individual chapters, the number of important leads developed for further research, and the breadth of coverage of important topics....Scholars and would-be scholars will want to study it carefully."
Contemporary Psychology