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Cognitive Approaches in Cloud and Edge Computing.

About the Series

Cognitive computing systems can synthesize data from various information sources, while weighing context and conflicting evidence to suggest the best possible answers. Cloud Computing is the use of hardware and software to deliver a service over a network (typically the Internet). With cloud computing, users can access files and use applications from any device that can access the Internet. Edge computing is a distributed, open IT architecture that features decentralized processing power, enabling mobile computing and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. In edge computing, data is processed by the device itself or by a local computer or server, rather than being transmitted to a data center. Aimed at senior undergraduate students, graduate students and professionals, the proposed series will focus on cognitive techniques of cloud computing and edge computing. Some of the emerging application areas include eletcronics and communication engineering, computer science and engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering and medical electronics.

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Ethics in Information Technology A Practical Guide

Ethics in Information Technology: A Practical Guide

1st Edition

By G. K. Awari, Sarvesh V. Warjurkar
May 16, 2022

This reference text introduces concepts of computer and Internet crime, ethics in information technology, and privacy techniques. It comprehensively covers important topics including ethical consideration in decision making, security attacks, identification of theft, strategies for consumer ...

Privacy and Security Challenges in Cloud Computing A Holistic Approach

Privacy and Security Challenges in Cloud Computing: A Holistic Approach

1st Edition

Edited By T. Ananth Kumar, T. S. Arun Samuel, R. Dinesh Jackson Samuel, M. Niranjanamurthy
March 15, 2022

This reference text discusses various security techniques and challenges for cloud data protection from both software and hardware aspects. The text provides readers with an overview of cloud computing, beginning with historical perspectives on mainframe computers and early networking protocols, ...

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