2nd Edition

Cognitive Behavioral Treatment for Generalized Anxiety Disorder From Science to Practice

    248 Pages
    by Routledge

    248 Pages
    by Routledge

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    The second edition of Cognitive Behavioral Treatment for Generalized Anxiety Disorder is an essential read for all clinicians, researchers, and anyone who wants to learn about how cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can be applied to treatment for generalized anxiety disorder.

    Building on the idea that intolerance of uncertainty keeps people with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) stuck in repeated cycles of excessive worry, anxiety, and avoidance, this revised and updated edition lays out the essentials of GAD assessment and diagnosis, step-by-step illustrations of CBT treatment, and questionnaires and monitoring forms that can be used in assessment, treatment, and research.

    Readers will come away from the book with a clear sense of how to:

    • design powerful, individualized behavioral experiments targeting the fear of uncertainty;
    • help clients discover and re-evaluate their beliefs about the usefulness of worry;
    • encourage clients to view worry-provoking problems as challenges to be met, rather than threats;
    • use written exposure to help clients confront lingering worries and core fears.

    1. Description of Generalized Anxiety Disorder;  2. A Cognitive Behavioral Conceptualization of Generalized Anxiety Disorder;  3.  Diagnosis and Assessment;  4.  Treatment Overview;  5. Step-by-Step Treatment;  6. Treatment Efficacy;  7.  Addressing Complicating Factors


    Melisa Robichaud, PhD, is a clinical psychologist specializing in CBT for anxiety disorders, with an emphasis on worry and GAD. She holds clinical faculty positions at University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University, and is a past President of the Canadian Association of Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies.

    Naomi Koerner, PhD, is an associate professor in the Department of Psychology at Ryerson University. She has been conducting research on worry and GAD for over 15 years. Dr. Koerner also works as a clinical psychologist and maintains a private practice.

    Michel J. Dugas, PhD, is a professor of clinical psychology at the Université du Québec en Outaouais. Dr. Dugas is a fellow of the Canadian Psychological Association and the Canadian Association of Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies.


    "In this thoroughly updated book, Robichaud, Koerner, and Dugas provide the definitive, theoretically driven, evidence-based guide to assessing and treating individuals with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). The six treatment modules provide core strategies for changing patterns of thinking and behaving that maintain anxiety and worry. The book is filled with clinical examples illustrating how the strategies are used, as well as many helpful worksheets and assessment tools. Anyone who works with clients with generalized anxiety disorder should read this book!"—Martin M. Antony, PhD, ABPP, Department of Psychology, Ryerson University and author of The Anti-Anxiety Workbook

    "Cognitive Behavioral Treatment for Generalized Anxiety Disorder draws upon recent research related to intolerance of ambiguity, misperceptions about the utility of worry and avoidance strategies to develop a comprehensive and progressive model of care. The treatment methods flow in a progressive and clear manner, with many clinical examples and practical tools to help clinician use the ideas. Rooted solidly in science, this book is also highly pragmatic and written in an engaging and easy manner. The three authors are all experts in the field and their knowledge is apparent throughout. This is a must read for anyone who works with patients who struggle with GAD."Keith S. Dobson, PhD, professor of clinical psychology, University of Calgary and president, Canadian Association of Cognitive and Behavioural Therapies (2018- 2019)

    "This book presents state-of-art conceptualization, assessment/diagnosis, and evidence-based treatment of GAD. Written by internationally-recognized experts, the second edition of Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment for Generalized Anxiety Disorder masterfully outlines an efficacious and effective treatment protocol that targets the underlying cause of excessive worry—intolerance of uncertainty. Many excellent, clinically relevant examples are used to guide readers through the model and treatment protocols so they can flexibly apply the armamentarium of strategies to tailor treatment individually and effectively. This book is a must read for clinicians, students, and researchers interested in the optimal treatment GAD."David J. A. Dozois, PhD, C. Psych, professor and director, Clinical Psychology Graduate Program, University of Western Ontario

    "Experts in researching and treating generalized anxiety disorder, Robichaud and colleagues offer sage guidance through current conceptualizations of chronic anxiety and worry as well as a cutting-edge treatment approach that is both novel and well established in cognitive-behavioral empirical foundations. The text is well written, informative, and useful. A worthy addition to the library of any clinician, researcher, or student interested in improving their knowledge of this debilitating condition."Douglas Mennin, PhD, proessor of clinical psychology, Teachers College, Columbia University