1st Edition

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy: A Practical Guide to Helping People Take Control

By Danny C. K. Lam Copyright 2008
    254 Pages
    by Routledge

    256 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Cognitive Behaviour Therapy: A Practical Guide to Helping People Take Control explores the premise that negative beliefs play an important role in the development and continuation of mental health problems. The book offers a new integrative model of causality for instigating change, based on giving clients control and choice over these beliefs, and therefore over their mood and behaviour.

    This practical guide also focuses on the stigmas often attached to people with 'mental illness'. Danny C. K. Lam suggests that by providing both the client and the general public with a more accurate understanding of the nature and causes of mental health problems it is possible to de-stigmatise the 'mental illness' label. This will help the client improve self-esteem and the ability to manage personal and interpersonal difficulties and take control of their problems and responsibility for recovery.

    Divided into six parts, this book covers:

    • stigma, prejudice and discrimination from societal perspectives
    • the nature and cause of emotional upsets
    • a therapeutic framework for change
    • self-prejudice, personal and interpersonal issues
    • good and bad methods of communication
    • practical approaches to assessing problems
    • methods of taking control.

    This cognitive behavioural approach to mental health problems is an innovative contribution to the field. Illustrated throughout with clinical examples and practical advice, the book is essential reading for all of those involved in mental health, from nurses to counsellors, and from medical practitioners and social workers to ministers of religion.

    Salkovskis, Foreword. Lam, A Personal Experience. Part I: Societal Perspective: Stigma, Prejudice and Discrimination. Mental Illness Stigma. Biological and Genetic Explanations of 'Mental Illness'. Prejudice, Discrimination and 'Mental Illness'. Part II: Therapist's Perspective: A Therapeutic Framework. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Theory of Emotional Upset. Components in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. A Shared Responsibility Approach in the Change Process. Dealing with Negative Thoughts. Dealing with Unhelpful Behaviour. Homework Assignments. Drug Treatments. Part III: Client's Perspective: Self-prejudice and Personal Issues. Approval and Approval-seeking Behaviour. Perfectionism and Competitiveness. Healthy and Unhealthy Negative Emotions. Fear of Failure and Procrastination. Self-criticism. Setback and Relapse. Part IV: Client's Perspective: Self-prejudice and Interpersonal Difficulties. Others' Criticism. Good and Bad Communication. Developing Effective Communication Skills. Part V: Therapeutic Approach Skills and Techniques. Assessment Skills. Disputing Approach and Techniques. Part VI: Taking Control: New Models for Helping Change. Control and Choice in Mental Health. An Illustration of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Approach to Panic Disorder: A Case Example.


    Danny C. K. Lam is a Principal Lecturer at Kingston University, St George's, University of London, a CBT trainer and supervisor and a frequent contributor to the literature and CBT conferences. He is passionate about developing an effective practical approach in the treatment of mental health problems, including psychological assessment, cognitive case formulation, CBT techniques and relapse prevention.

    "This book is the first to consider the practicalities of helping people to change using CBT from the perspective of stigma, self stigma and labelling." - Paul Salkovskis, From the Foreword

    "This is an excellent book for therapists who are learning the cognitive behavioral method. I would strongly recommend it." - Sharon Morgillo Freeman, CEO Centre for Breif Therapy P.C and The Freeman International Institute, USA