1st Edition

Cognitive Remediation Therapy for Schizophrenia Theory and Practice

    328 Pages
    by Routledge

    328 Pages
    by Routledge

    Could CRT provide the first structured method of alleviating cognitive deficits associated with schizophrenia?

    Cognitive Remediation Therapy for Schizophrenia describes the background and development of this new psychological therapy and demonstrates how it provides the first structured help to overcome the thinking problems associated with schizophrenia.

    In three sections, the book covers the theoretical and empirical underpinning of cognitive remediation therapy and explores its application. Part I, 'The Development of Therapy', provides the historical context and theoretical background to the therapy and emphasizes the value of rehabilitating cognitive deficits. In Part II, 'Improving Cognitive Processes', the process and effects of changing cognition are examined. Finally, in Part III, 'The Process of Therapy', the authors provide a clinical guide to the delivery of cognitive remediation therapy and use case examples to support its efficacy.

    This book is the first to describe an individual cognitive remediation therapy programme based on a clear model of the relationship between thinking and behaviour. It will be of both academic and clinical value to all those health professionals and clinical academics who want not only to understand the relationships between thought and action but also to intervene to improve therapy.


    Part 1: The development of therapy. The historical context of Cognitive Remediation Therapy for schizophrenia. An overview of cognitive function in schizophrenia. Explaining cognitive dysfunction. Why rehabilitate cognitive deficits. Part 2: Improving cognitive processes. Changing cognition in the laboratory. Changing cognition in clinical settings. What is the effect of cognitive change? Part 3: The process of therapy. A theoretical model for cognitive remediation therapy. The content and process of therapy. Assessment and formulation. CRT in action: Case studies. Cognitive remediation therapy in the future.


    Professor Til Wykes, Dr Clare Reeder

    "Extremely thoroughly researched... The book will be useful to practitioners and researchers with a reasonably good grounding in cognitive psychology." - Alec Grant, Journal of Mental Health