2nd Edition

Collaborative Leadership Building Relationships, Handling Conflict and Sharing Control

By David Archer, Alex Cameron Copyright 2013
    256 Pages
    by Routledge

    256 Pages
    by Routledge

    We all live in an interconnected world and for business leaders the last decade has seen a dramatic rise in the speed and scale of this interdependence. But while increased connectivity is inevitable, increased collaboration is not. To succeed in today’s environment, leaders need to be able to build relationships, handle conflict and to share control in order to promote effective collaboration where it is needed most.

    Archer and Cameron have been working in this field for over 10 years and were amongst the first business authors to define and explain Collaborative Leadership in their 2008 book. This 2nd edition draws on interviews, examples and additional cases studies of the new collaboration challenges that leaders face such as; working together to deal with the consequences of financial contagion in the Eurozone or elsewhere, responding to the growth in use of social networks by their staff and customers, and managing global supply chains to reach new growth markets.

    This fully revised, updated and re-structured text provides an easily accessible ‘how-to’ guide for leaders in today’s interconnected world. It will give both experienced and aspiring leaders the techniques and confidence to manage complex collaborative relationships in a sustainable way. It also acts as a guide for leadership development professionals, coaches and consultants who have to build leadership and collaboration capability within organizations.

    1. Inter-dependence and its Consequences for Leaders  Part I: Tools for Collaboration  2. The Collaboration Spectrum  3. The 3 Legged Stool: Governance Operations and Behaviours  4. Measuring Collaboration  5. Analysing Different Organizational Cultures  6. The Partnership Roadmap  Part II: The Collaborative Leader in Action  7. Secrets of Success: Conversations with Collaborative Leaders  8. Why some Collaborative Leaders Fail  9. Collaborative Leaders in the Board Room  10. Relationship Risk  11.Conflict and the Collaborative Leader  12. The Future Collaborative Leader


    David Archer and Alex Cameron are founding Directors of Socia Ltd, a company which has an international reputation advising leaders of large organizations on how to get more from their business critical relationships. Their clients include leaders from sectors such as central government, transport, oil & gas and finance who face particularly significant collaboration challenges.

    Today’s toughest complex challenges facing business and society need bold leadership across boundaries and many different organisations. Archer and Cameron’s latest book shines a practical light on examples of collaborative leadership  in action across private, public and voluntary sectors, and on the key leadership capabilities needed by not just one but many leaders who need to work together.

    Dr Keith Ruddle, Associate Fellow in Leadership, Oxford University 

    The world's most dynamic businesses have one thing in common they're boundaryless. They work naturally and happily with others. If you want to know the secrets of becoming boundaryless, this book is your best choice wise, authoritative and extremely useful.

    Robert Jones, Head of new thinking, Wolff Olins

    The benefits of Collaboration are irrefutable; the evidence overwhelming. But it remains counter cultural in many business environments. The real value of this book is in its combination of practical tools that leaders can deploy and inspiring case studies to keep you on track when the going gets tough.’

    Andrew Haines, CEO Civil Aviation Authority

    'The world is looking to technological innovation to help solve its biggest problems. It is only by bringing people together from different disciplines and organisational backgrounds that we can build lasting solutions. In this book David Archer and Alex Cameron address practical lessons on how to make such collaboration work.'

    Tony Ridley – Emeritus Professor, Imperial College London

    This new edition of Collaborative Leadership could not be more timely. The recession and ongoing austerity are forcing the pace on partnership working between organisations and across sectors. Archer and Cameron brilliantly demystify what collaborative leadership is, and how to do it, in an accessible and engaging way. Anyone involved in commissioning, joint ventures and not for profit collaborations will benefit from reading this book.

    Linda Holbeche former Research and Policy Director CIPD and author of ‘Engaged: Unleashing Your Organization's Potential Through Employee Engagement’

    The British summer of 2012 was like no other before: showers of gold medals, 20m spectators, sideburns, Union flags and an impeccable Games delivery. This didn't happen by chance. Seven years of collaborative leadership across and within the public and private sectors made it such a stupendous success: that's why this book should matter to leaders.’

    Hugh Sumner Director of Transport, Olympic Delivery Authority

    'This is a practical book grounded in fertile experience. In a complex and highly interdependent and increasingly densely connected world, proven practitioner tools are vital to the leader seeking sustainable, collaborative success. David and Alex capture the wisdom of all of it.'

    Gary L. Mann, Global Lead, Talent & Organization Capability – Pfizer Primary Care

    'This book is a timely reminder that we live in an increasingly interdependent world and the problems we face can rarely be solved by one organisation acting on its own. This puts a huge premium on leaders who are good at working across boundaries; at identifying a common purpose and reaching solutions. Collaborative leadership requires energy, determination and different behaviours. It isn’t a guarantee of success. But it is essential in today’s tougher climate. Alongside the theory (from evolutionary biology to slime mould), there are practical tools and real world examples. A great read for those who are looking for inspiration at the end of an eventful year.'

    Bronwyn Hill, Permanent Secretary at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

    'Originally published in 2009, the new edition provides an important update in thinking about collaborative leadership and its importance in this global, inter-connected and rapidly changing world. I enjoyed reading this book – it is very accessible, interesting, and provides a useful source of ideas and points to reflect upon. It is clearly located in the ‘real’ world and everyday best practices of business and management. As an educator, I will recommend it to students - particularly those with aspirations to become global leaders.'

    Professor Barbara Allan, Dean, Westminster Business School.

    'This is the age of collaboration, survival and success demand it. Technology enables collaboration across geographies, but the biggest challenges remain those of culture and leadership. This book grasps the nettle of where leaders go wrong and is the user manual to survive and thrive in complex organisations facing 21st century challenges that demand a new type of collaborative leader.'

    Clive Grinyer, Director of Customer Experience, Cisco

    'Alex Cameron and David Archer have been pioneers in articulating the advantages of collaborative leadership. Leadership styles vary, from the autocratic and dictatorial to the consensual. The authors, though, make a compelling case for a different approach in a fast-changing world – one which embraces the ability to build relationships; to handle conflict; and to share control. There have been plenty of examples, some well-documented in this book, of alternative styles less suited to the contemporary world, with all its complexities and inter-dependencies. If you read this book, it will at the very least provide you with much food for thought; and at best, you may be encouraged to act on its wisdom.'

    Sir Ian Magee CB, Senior Fellow, Institute for Government & Senior Adviser Booz & Company

    'Archer and Cameron have again proven their expertise in new world of interconnected relationships. Technology may have increased and changed dramatically, however, the second edition of this landmark book shows the foresight  the authors possessed in understanding how collaboration is the key to deal with conflict, share control, and serve stakeholders, all while maintaining the bottom line.'

    Dr E.S. Wibbeke, Author of Global Business Leaderhip

    'Archer & Cameron demonstrate a hands-on understanding of the nitty-gritty aspects of making collaboration work.'

    Alex Cameron, Director Socia Ltd, management consultant and executive coach.