1st Edition

Collaborative Therapy and Neurobiology Evolving Practices in Action

Edited By Marie-Nathalie Beaudoin, Jim Duvall Copyright 2017
    154 Pages
    by Routledge

    154 Pages
    by Routledge

    Collaborative Therapy and Neurobiology is the book many clinicians have been waiting for: an integration of twenty years of scientific and therapeutic cutting-edge ideas into concrete clinical practices. Interpersonal neurobiology and the development of exciting new technologies that allow us to better understand the brain have provided us with an enriched perspective on human experience. Yet, many clinicians wonder how to use this knowledge, and how these discoveries can actually benefit their clients. In particular, what are the concrete practices that each field uses to help clients overcome the issues in their lives, and how can these fields build on each other’s ideas? Could minimally developed concepts in each field be combined into innovative and powerful practices to foster client wellbeing? This book offers a collection of writings which provide theoretical food for thought, research evidence, and most importantly hands-on, concrete clinical ideas to enrich therapists’ work with a variety of clients. Illustrated with numerous transcripts of conversations and clinical stories, the ideas in this book will stimulate the work of people interested in renewing their practice with new ideas.

    Foreword Gene Combs  List of Contributors  Acknowledgements  Introduction: Merging Soft and Hard Sciences  1. Energizing Clinical Practices with Intriguing and Cutting Edge Ideas  1. Pivotal Moments, Therapeutic Conversations, and Neurobiology: Landscapes of Resonance, Possibility, and Purpose Jim Duvall and Robert Maclennan  2. Helping Clients Thrive with Positive Emotions: Increasing People’s Repertoire of Problem Counter-States Marie-Nathalie Beaudoin  3. From Implicit Experience to Explicit Stories  4. Supporting Young Children Visited by Big Emotions: Mindfulness, Emotion Regulation and Neurobiology Sara Marlowe  5. Insights on Positive Change: An Exploration of the Link between Drama Therapy and Neural Networks  6. Tapping into the Power of the Brain-Heart-Gut Axis: Addressing Embodied Aspects of Intense Emotions such as Anxiety Marie-Nathalie Beaudoin   7. Narrative Neurotherapy (NNT): Scaffolding Identity States Jan Ewing, Ron Estes, and Brandon Like  II. Research, Questions, and Theoretical Dilemmas Which Can Inform Clinical Practices  8. Single Session Therapy and Neuroscience: Scaffolding and Social Engagement Karen Young, Jim Hibel, Jaime Tartar, and Mercedes Fernandez  9. Neuroscience discourse and collaborative therapies? Tom Strong  Index


    Marie-Nathalie Beaudoin, PhD, a pioneer in developing practical ways of applying neurobiology, has published over thirty inspiring articles, DVDs, books, and has been featured in AAMFT’s Family Therapy. She is the founder of SKIPS, and maintains a private practice of clinical and consulting services. Marie-Nathalie is an acclaimed international speaker, well-known for thought-provoking and energizing presentations. www.mnbeaudoin.com

    Jim Duvall, MEd, RSW, is the director of the JST Institute and has been senior editor of Journal of Systemic Therapies for over ten years. He is a consultant, trainer and author who has facilitated hundreds of workshops and courses, and who has consulted with organizations throughout Canada, the United States, Australia, and Asia. He has published numerous articles, book chapters, and books, as well as co-authored a policy paper about narrative therapy and brief collaborative practices. www.jstinstitute.com

    “This exciting, innovative book shows ways of integrating two disparate clinical practices without losing sight of their differences.  Beginning and experienced therapists will appreciate the conceptual clarity and clinical guidance provided by the interesting mix of chapters.  No one has to leave their skepticism behind while reading this book and few will finish it without finding significant value in the “other” way of working.”—Kaethe Weingarten, PhD, founder/director, the Witnessing Project

    “This book appears relevant to all psychotherapist, as well as adjunct fields connected to psychotherapy…The chapters cover a broad array of areas that are central to clinical practice and there is great effort to practical about the material”—Terry Marks-Tarlow, PhD, psychologist, private practice; former president, Gestalt Therapy Institute of Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Society of Clinical Psychologists

    “By combining the literary sensibility of narratively-oriented practice along with the rigor of neurological investigation, Beaudoin and Duvall have achieved a remarkable marriage of two lenses on therapy. This edited volume contains a treasure trove of material for practitioners curious about the synaptic activity accompanying conversations that make a difference.”—David Paré, PhD, full professor of counselling psychology, University of Ottawa; director, The Glebe Institute, a Centre for Constructive and Collaborative Practice; author, Collaborative Practice in Counseling and Psychotherapy

    “I love neuroscience and I love collaborative practices. For a long time, I felt torn, as if these were two branches of my family that did not talk to each other, and I was being disloyal to one of them by my interest in the other. Marie-Nathalie Beaudoin, Jim Duvall, and their bright team of contributors has created a bridge that allows neuroscience and collaborative therapy to enter into a fruitful dialogue. I am very grateful for their innovative work, which enriches both fields and creates exciting possibilities for therapy and beyond.”—Margarita Tarragona, PhD, Grupo Campos Elíseos & PositivaMente, Mexico City

    “This book is an essential resource. While we intuitively know the connection between collaborative therapy and neurobiology, this text offers a roadmap for therapists working with individuals, couples, and families within a clinical setting.”—Peter D. Bradley, PhD, Cross Timbers Family Therapy, pllc; Northcentral University