1st Edition

Collapse and Survival Industry Strategies in a Changing World

By Robert Ballance, Stuart Sinclair Copyright 1983
    ISBN 9780367720537
    240 Pages
    Published February 1, 2023 by Routledge

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    ISBN 9780367720544
    240 Pages
    Published December 17, 2021 by Routledge

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    First published in 1983, Collapse and Survival was written as an examination of the position of industry worldwide at the time of publication.

    The book looks at the post-war growth of output and the policies adopted in advanced countries, socialist countries, and LDCs to bolster and shape this growth. It explores in detail the experience of firms across several of the industries at the forefront of the changes in world industry since 1945, including automobiles, steel, consumer electronics, advanced electronics, and oil refining. Particular attention is paid to the influence that the majority of countries, public agencies, lobbyists and other interests have in shaping the business environment in which firms operate. This analysis provides the basis for a description of the business strategies open to firms in each of these key industries.

    Collapse and Survival will appeal to those with an interest in the history of industrial and development economics, and international business and economics.

    1: World Industry in Transition; 2: The Industrial Setting after the Second World War; 3: The Evolution of Industrial Policies - A Sectoral Discussion; 4: Structural Change at the Sectoral Level; 5: Structural Change within the Manufacturing Sector; 6: Ageing Poles of Industrial Growth - Automobiles and Steel; 7: Engines for Growth or Survival - A Tale of Three Industries; 8: Industry Strategies and National Policies in a Changing World; Bibliography; Index


    Robert H. Ballance and Stuart Sinclair

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