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Collecting Cultures

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'Collecting' can be defined as the gathering together of chosen objects for purposes regarded as special. It is of great importance as a social phenomena, as a focus of personal emotion, and as an economic force.
In the past, the study of collecting has concentrated upon the content of collections, but new work in the field is concerned with collecting itself as process, and with the nature of collections as part of our effort to construct an intelligible world view.
The books in this series will explore issues like the social context of collecting, the ways in which collecting can contribute to the creation of identity the nature of material culture and our response to it, and the nature of the museum as the institution concerned with collecting.
Collecting lies close to the hearts of many of us, and close also to our social mind and our ability to understand ourselves and our world. This series is the first to explore this significant and fascinating area of human experience. Objects are our other selves, and the better we understand them, the closer we come to self-knowledge.

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On Collecting An Investigation into Collecting in the European Tradition

On Collecting: An Investigation into Collecting in the European Tradition

1st Edition

By Susan Pearce
June 21, 1999

On Collecting examines the nature of collecting both in Europe and among people living within the European tradition elsewhere.Susan Pearce looks at the way we collect and what this tells us about ourselves and our society. She also explores the psychology of collecting: why do we bestow value on ...

Collecting in a Consumer Society

Collecting in a Consumer Society

1st Edition

By Russell W. Belk
June 29, 2001

This groundbreaking book examines the relationship between the development of the consumer society and the rise of collecting by individuals and institutions. Rusell Belk considers how and why people collect, as individuals, corporations and museums, and the impact this collecting has on ...

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