1st Edition

Colour Television Techniques, Business, Impact

By H.W. Coleman Copyright 1968

    Colour Television (1968) examines the rapid growth of colour television in the 1960s as technological advances enabled programmes to be effectively transmitted in colour for the first time. It looks at the technologies involved, the differences in programme-making that colour required, the audience response, and the changes in advertising and network systems that colour broadcasting brought about.

    The Dimensions of Colour Arthur C. Nielsen, Jr.  Part 1. The Techniques of Colour Television  1. The Basics of Colour Howard Ketcham  2. The Electronics of Colour Television John W. Wentworth  3. Colour Television Equipment: Present and Future John T. Wilner  Part 2. Producing for Colour Television  4. Colour Production E. Carlton Winckler  5. Colour in the Studio A.R. Stanley  6. Colour Film Production for Colour Television John M. Waner  7. Public Service Programming in Colour Ward L. Quaal  8. Colour in Television News Sheldon W. Peterson  Part 3. The Colour Television Audience  9. The Impact of Colour Thomas E. Cofflin and Sam Tuchman  Part 4. Doing Business in Colour  10. Selling Colour Television Norman E. Cash  11. Colour Promotion Chet Campbell  12. Advertising in Colour Donald F. Coleman  13. The Local Station and Colour Roy Bacus  14. Colour it Local: A Sampling of Local Station Colour Activity Kenneth A. Mills  Part 5. The Sum of the Parts  15. It’s In Colour: So What? Howard W. Coleman  16. Colour Television Systems A.V. Lord


    H.W. Coleman