1st Edition

Colour and Light Spatial Experience

Edited By Karin Fridell Anter, Ulf Klaren Copyright 2017
    240 Pages
    by Routledge

    248 Pages
    by Routledge

    Colour and Light: Spatial Experience describes the coherent interaction of light and colour in the spatial context. It explains the nature of light to colour specialists, and the nature of colour to light specialists, simultaneously conveying an understanding that light and colour must be thought of together. In addition, it brings out the apparent contradictions between the practically based knowledge of craftsmen, engineers and designers, and the theoretically based knowledge of academics in various disciplines.

    Including background context, facts and possible approaches, the book provides a basic understanding of light and colour, and their significance for humans in the spatial context.

    Introduction Karin Fridell Anter, Ulf Klarén Part 1: HUMAN-COLOUR-LIGHT-ENVIRONMENT 1. Physical Measurement and Human Standards Ulf Klarén 2. The Effect of Colour and Light – Behaviours and Reactions Thorbjörn Laike 3. From Burning Flames to the Light-emitting Diodes of the 2010s – light and lighting from a cultural-historical perspective Jan Garnert Part 2: TO DESCRIBE COLOUR AND LIGHT 4. To Conceive the Concepts Karin Fridell Anter 5. Lighting Technology: Concepts and measurement methods Leif Berggren & Karin Fridell Anter 6. Visual Spatial Analysis Ulf Klarén 7. NCS and Other Colour Systems Karin Fridell Anter Part 3:LIGHT SOURCES AND COLOUR MATERIALS 8. Daylight, Windows, and Window Glass Barbara Szybinska Matusiak 9. Artificial Light Sources and Their Use Leif Berggren 10. Paint and its Use Pär Duwe 11. Radiation, Surface Reflection, and Colour Johanna Enger, Karin Fridell Anter 12. The Surfaces and Colours of Different Materials Ulf Klarén Part 4: LIGHT AND COLOUR IN BUILT ROOMS 13. Light and Colour as Support or Obstruction Helle Wijk, Cecilia Häggström 14. Colour, Light, and Spatial Dynamics Monica Billger, Karin Fridell Anter & Cecilia Häggström On the authors Thanks References Index


    Karin Fridell Anter is an architect SAR/MSA, PhD and reader in architecture, specialised in colour. She has written and edited several books and numerous scientific and popular articles dealing with colour and architecture. In 2010-2011 she headed the research project SYN-TES which lay the foundations for this book. She is active as a researcher, lecturer, writer, and colour consultant in the consulting company Explicator AB, www.explicator.se. Ulf Klarén is a researcher, writer and lecturer on perception, colour and light. Until his retirement in 2011 he was senior lecturer and head of The Perception Studio at Konstfack – University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm. Ulf Klarén’s publications include a textbook on colour and several scientific reports and contributions to anthologies. He has been a guest teacher at Aalto University - School of Arts, Design, and Architecture in Helsinki and an invited lecturer in several Scandinavian universities and collegesIn 2010 - 2011 he was assistant project leader of the research project SYN-TES which lay the foundations for this book. Ulf Klarén is furthermore a practicing illustrator.

    ‘Understanding architectural space from the perspective of light and colour is an enriching experience. There have been no other books that describe colour and light dynamics in a spatial context. Colour and Light: Spatial Experience should be required reading for both designers and academics alike.’ - Galen Minah, Associate Professor, Department of Architecture, College of Built Environments, University of Washington, Seattle WA, USA.

    ‘This is going straight onto my list of books that I recommend to students of design. Separate chapters deal with light sources, paint, the specification of colour and the visual characteristics of materials, but it all comes together at the end. Rather as Einstein introduced the new concept of space/time to physics, here we have the synthesis of space/light/colour.’ - Dr Paul Green-Armytage, Associate of Curtin University, Past President of the Colour Society of Australia.

    Colour and Light: Spatial Experience establishes a milestone in the knowledge that cannot be missed in the library of anyone involved in colour and light.’ - Prof. Arch. Pietro Zennaro, Iuav University of Venice, Italy.