1st Edition

Combinatorial Designs and their Applications

    160 Pages
    by Chapman & Hall

    The fruit of a conference that gathered seven very active researchers in the field, Combinatorial Design and their Applications presents a wide but representative range of topics on the non-geometrical aspects of design theory. By concentrating on a few important areas, the authors succeed in providing greater detail in these areas in a more complete and accessible form. Through their contributions to this collection, they help fill a gap in the available combinatorics literature.
    The papers included in this volume cover recent developments in areas of current interest, such as difference sets, cryptography, and optimal linear codes.
    Researchers in combinatorics and other areas of pure mathematics, along with researchers in statistics and computer design will find in-depth, up-to-date discussions of design theory and the application of the theory to statistical design, codes, and cryptography.

    Balancing Carry-Over Effects in Tournaments, Dr. Ian Anderson, University of Glasgow
    Resolved Designs Viewed as Sets of Partitions, Prof. Rosemary Bailey, Queen Mary and Westfield College
    Combinatorics and Threshold Cryptography, Dr. Simon Blackburn, Royal Holloway and Bedford New College
    Block-Transitive Point-Intransitive Block Designs, Dr. Alan Camina, University of East Anglia
    Some Recent Developments in Difference Sets, Dr. Jonathan Jedwab, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, Bristol and James A. Davis, University of Richmond,
    Configurations in Steiner Triple Systems, Prof. Mike Grannell and Prof. Terry Griggs, University of Central Lancashire
    A Survey of Recent Results on Optimal Linear Codes, Dr. Ray Hill, University of Salford


    Kathleen Quinn (Open University, Milton Keynes, England, UK) (Author) ,  Bridget Webb (Open University, Milton Keynes, England, UK) (Author) ,  Chris Rowley (Author) ,  F C Holroyd (The Open University, Milton Keynes, England, UK) (Author)