1st Edition

Communicating Marginalized Masculinities Identity Politics in TV, Film, and New Media

Edited By Ronald L. Jackson II, Jamie E. Moshin Copyright 2013
    264 Pages
    by Routledge

    274 Pages
    by Routledge

    For years, research concerning masculinities has explored the way that men have dominated, exploited, and dismantled societies, asking how we might make sense of marginalized masculinities in the context of male privilege. This volume asks not only how terms such as men and masculinity are socially defined and culturally instantiated, but also how the media has constructed notions of masculinity that have kept minority masculinities on the margins. Essays explore marginalized masculinities as communicated through film, television, and new media, visiting representations and marginalized identity politics while also discussing the dangers and pitfalls of a media pedagogy that has taught audiences to ignore, sidestep, and stereotype marginalized group realities. While dominant portrayals of masculine versus feminine characters pervade numerous television and film examples, this collection examines heterosexual and queer, military and civilian, as well as Black, Japanese, Indian, White, and Latino masculinities, offering a variance in masculinities and confronting male privilege as represented on screen, appealing to a range of disciplines and a wide scope of readers.

    Preface: Communicating Marginalized Masculinities Ronald L. Jackson II and Jamie Moshin 1. Kairos, Kanye, and Katrina: Online Meditations on Race and Masculinity André Brock  2. "Is that a PC in Your Pocket, or is it Something More?" The Newton PDA and White-Collar Masculinity Michelle Rodino-Colocino  3. Competing South Asian Mas(k)ulinities: Bollywood Icons versus "Tech-N-Talk" Murali Balaji  4. Color and Movement: The Male Dancer, Masculinity and Race in Film David Buchbinder  5. A Gendered Shell Game: Masculinity and Race in District 9 Claire Sisco King  6. The Evolution of an Identity: G.I. Joe and Black Masculinity Carlos Morrison  7. A "Vocabulary of Feeling": Japanese American Masculinity in Conscience and the Constitution Kent Ono  8. Fat, Sass, and Laughs: Black Masculinity in Drag Stephane Dunn  9. Narrating the Presidential "Race": Barack Obama and the American Dream Leroy Dorsey  10. The Man in the Box: Masculinity and Race in Popular Television Erica Scharrer  11. White Masculinity and the TV Sitcom Dad: Tracing the "Progression" of Portrayals of Fatherhood Cerise Glenn  12. From Album Novel to Cowboy Soap Opera: Melancholia, Race and Carnival in the Multi-Media Works of Mario Prata George Carlsen  13. Smooth and Latin: Reflections on Mario Lopez, Ballroom Dancing, and Latino Masculinity Fernando Delgado  14. "State Property" and Friends: Black men’s performances of masculinity and race in prison Eleanor Novek


    Ronald L. Jackson II is Professor and Head of African American Studies and Professor of Media & Cinema Studies at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA.

    Jamie Moshin is Assistant Professor of Communication Studies at Marietta College, USA.