1st Edition

Communication, Leadership and Trust in Organizations

    334 Pages 13 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Trust in communication and leadership is the key to success in business. This book presents and discusses the main issues and challenges posed by communication, leadership, and trust. The first part of the book describes the communication and trust issues, the second part presents the role of trust in leadership, and the third part describes different examples of implementing trust to organizations. Readers will gain from this book theoretical and practical knowledge of communication, leadership, and trust; empirically validated practice regarding trust and its related concepts; and a novel approach for addressing this topic. This book can be used as a toolbox to improve understanding and opportunities related to building trust in organizations and will be especially valuable for students and researchers in the fields of leadership, organizational communication, business ethics, and trust research.

    I.                COMMUNICATION AND TRUST

    1.  Communication and trust in small business innovation management

    Marek Matejun and Marcin Ratajczak

    2.  Trust-based communication of the most valuable corporate brands

    Hanna Górska-Warsewicz, Adriana Krawczyk and Maciej Dębski

    3.  Opportunities to improve communication and trust between food producers and consumers

    Henryk Runowski and Paulina Kramarz

    4.  Social signals as a way of communicating the company with investors

    Magdalena Mądra-Sawicka

    5.  Creating trust through communication within a knowledge ecosystem: an empirical perspective of SMEs

    Khuram Shahzad and Shahid Hafeez

    II.               LEADERSHIP AND TRUST

    6.      The role of trust in leadership – literature review

    Joanna Paliszkiewicz, Jerzy Gołuchowski and Edyta Skarzyńska

    7.      Leadership, Creativity and Trust - Studies on the Issues

    Wojciech Pizło

    8.      Trust and leadership in the opinion of the employees and owners of dairy cooperatives - the essence and specificity

    Marzena Ganc, Agnieszka Gałecka and Natalia Wasilewska

    9.      The role of leadership and trust in process-oriented organizations

    Grażyna Gierszewska and Agnieszka Bitkowska

    10.   Leadership and Trust in Shaping Innovation

    Mariusz Sołtysik, Magdalena Wojnarowska and Erica Varese


    11.   The problem of trust in pedagogical activity and the level of the teacher's communicative competence

    Svitlana Loboda

    12.   Institutional and business trust under crisis situations

    Justyna Franc-Dąbrowska, Mariantonietta Fiore and Nina Drejerska

    13.   A question of trust: business partnership networks before and during Covid-19 pandemic in Romania. An opinion mining approach

    Cezar Scarlat, Mihnea Andrei Călin, Denis Iorga, Teodor Neacşu, Irina Toma and Mihai Dascălu

    14.   Trust and communication among trading partners and consumers in food supply chain: implications for business performance

    Joanna Domagała and Wojciech J. Florkowski

    15.   Young people's trust in electronic banking services

    Elżbieta Kacperska, Katarzyna Łukasiewicz, and Natalya Horin

    16.   The trust in airlines: the case of passengers from Poland

    Monika Roman and Aleksandra Górecka

    17.   How customers trust mobile banking applications - results for different generational groups

    Piotr Pietrzak

    18.   Trust in rural social collaborative networks

    Anna Sieczko and Anna J. Parzonko

    19.   Blockchain Based Trust Engineering

    Ruidong Zhang

    20.   Building trust in professional business journalism in the age of digital media and disinformation spreading

    Anna Musialik-Chmiel, Jerzy Gołuchowski and Agata Berdowska

    21.   Liability for breach of trust and privacy: torts, contracts, and cybersecurity

    Monroe J. Molesky, Elizabeth A. Cameron and Norman W Hawker


    Joanna Paliszkiewicz works as a full professor at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences (WULS-SGGW). She is the director of the Management Institute. She is also an adjunct professor at the University of Vaasa in Finland.

    Jose L. Guerrero Cusumano is a tenured associate professor at Georgetown University. He is a faculty member of the Operations and Information Management (OPIM) group at Georgetown Business School. He has been faculty at Georgetown since 1989.