1st Edition

Communication Skills That Heal A Practical Approach to a New Professionalism in Medicine

By Barry Bub Copyright 1999

    Communication Skills that Heal addresses the concerns of both patients and medical professionals regarding communication under time constraints. It challenges current communication concepts in healthcare and weaves together anecdotes, theory, principles and practical, holistic approaches to provide a concise, stimulating and easy-to-read guide. Doctors at all levels and in all settings will find this book invaluable, as will other healthcare professionals including therapists, carers and administrators. It will also be useful for students of medicine and nursing.

    The problem - it’s just a lack of time. Seeing the whole. Resistance. But listening is art. But there is no time for listening. But listening is simple. But listening is so passive. But listening leaves me without control. But there’s no room for emotions inside this white coat. What to listen for: psychological medicine. What to listen for: trauma. What to listen for: shame. What to listen for: suffering. What to use: metaphor and simile. What to use: ritual. What to use: boundaries. What to use: psychotherapy. Conclusion: reclaiming the white coat.


    Barry Bub

    'Barry Bub has a real gift for bringing encounters with patients and colleagues to life. He manages to make stories about people more telling and more educational than any pure theorist ever could. His ideas about identifying laments and how to respond to them are a powerful and original contribution to family medicine.' - Dr John Launer, Associate Director, London Department of Postgraduate GP Education.