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Communication Yearbook 29

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ISBN 9780805855814
Published May 5, 2005 by Routledge
472 Pages

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Book Description

For the past 55 years, the International Communication Association (ICA) has provided a venue for scholars and researchers to share ideas and findings in all aspects of the field of communication through its expanding publications program and its annual conference. The Association also works to increase visibility for communication scholarship and to foster research internationally.

Communication Yearbook 29 centers on the theme of Communication and the Future. Authors in this volume address the future as they review 12 diverse areas of communication research. There have been many changes in the world, and this volume addresses questions such as: Has the discipline of communication kept up with change? Have we adapted to new technology and moved forward in our thinking? What do we as a discipline have to say about the future? Are there new areas in which we should be making a contribution? And are there new ways of looking at long-standing lines of communication research? The focus of this volume is on what we can do as communication scholars to make a difference in everyday life and in the future.

Communication Yearbook 29 is an important reference for scholars and graduate students across the field of communication.

Table of Contents

Communication and the Future: An Introduction P.J. Kalbfleisch  Nonphysical Child Abuse: A Review of Literature and Challenge to Communication Scholars W.M. Morgan and S.R. Wilson  The Child Effect in Media and Communication Research: A Call to Arms and an Agenda for Research J. Van den Bulck, B.R.H and Van den Bergh  The Future of Motivated Deceptions and Its Detection J.K. Burgoon  Inoculation Theory of Resistance to Influence at Maturity: Recent Progress in Theory Development and Application and Suggestions for Future Research J.A. Compton and M.W. Pfau  The Potential of Electronic Communication and Information Technologies as Research Tools: Promise and Perils for the Future of Communication Research N.A. Palomares and A.J. Flanagin  Leadership in the New Millennium: Communication Beyond Temporal, Spatial, and Geographical Boundaries S.L. Connaughton and J.A. Daly  The Real-Virtual Dichotomy in Online Interaction: New Media Uses and Consequences Revisited Z. Papacharissi  Reflective Communication Management, Future Ways for Public Relations Research B. van Ruler and D. Vercic  Crisis, Culture, and Communication B.K. Lee  The Place of Theory in Development Communication: Retrospectives and Prospects R. Roman  Message Framing and Constructing Meaning: An Emerging Paradigm in Mass Communication Research R.H. Wicks  Nuclear Legacies: Communication, Controversy, and the U.S. Nuclear Weapons Production Complex B.C. Taylor, W.J. Kinsella, S.P. Depoe and M.S. Metzler

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