1st Edition

Communication Yearbook 35

Edited By Charles T. Salmon Copyright 2011
    496 Pages
    by Routledge

    514 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Communication Yearbook 34 continues the tradition of publishing state-of-the-discipline literature reviews and essays. Editor Charles T. Salmon presents a volume that is highly international and interdisciplinary in scope, with authors and chapters representing the broad global interests of the International Communication Association.

    The volume is organized into three sections, pertaining to interdisciplinary theory, normative ideals and political realities, and communication and societies in transition. Internationally renowned scholars serve as respondents for the three sections. With a blend of chapters emphasizing timely public policy concerns and enduring theoretical questions, this volume will be valuable to scholars throughout the discipline of communication studies.

    Part I: The Seeds of Mass Communication Research

    Chapter 1. Ownership, Technology, Content and Context in the Search for Media Effects - Elihu Katz  

    Chapter 2. On the Development of Communication Theory: Some Reflections  -  Kurt Lang and Gladys Engel Lang

    Chapter 3. Thoughts on Lazarsfeld’s New York "Radio Studies" from the Perspective of 2010 - Gertrude Robinson

    Chapter 4. Commentary: Three Accounts of the Founding Heroes of Communication Research - Mihai Coman

    Part II: Communication and Family Contexts

    Chapter 5. Communication and Work in Copreneurial and Family Businesses - Jill Helmle, David Siebold and Tamara Afifi

    Chapter 6. An Alternative Approach to Studying Family Communication: Studying the Family from a Group Communication Perspective - Stephenson Beck, Amy Miller, Whitney Frahm and Laura Farrell

    Chapter 7. Older People and New Communication Technologies: Narratives from the Literature - Ted Zorn, C. Kay Weaver and Margaret Richardson

    Chapter 8. Commentary: Moving Beyond our Scholarly Comfort Zones - Jon Nussbaum

    Part III: Perspectives on Communication and Language

    Chapter 9. Language Attitudes: Existing Frameworks and an Interactional Model - Howard Giles and Mikaela Marlow

    Chapter 10. Communicating Love: A Sociocultural Perspective - Elisabeth Gareis and Richard Wilkins

    Chapter 11. Critical Discourse Analysis and (U.S.) Communication Scholarship: Recovering Old Connections, Envisioning New Ones - Karen Tracy, Susana Martinez-Guillem, Jessica Robles and Kimberly Casteline

    Chapter 12. Commentary: Discussion: Discourse, Context, and Interdisciplinarity - Ruth Wodak

    Part IV: Emerging Perspectives on Issues of Enduring Importance

    Chapter 13. Anonymous Communication: Unmasking Findings Across Fields - Steven Rains, Craig Scott and Muge Haseki

    Chapter 14. Mass Media Effects on Youth Sexual Behavior - Paul Wright

    Chapter 15. Interactivity: Managing Customers in the Electronic Marketplace - Paul Murschetz

    Chapter 16. Commentary - Pen Hwa Ang


    Charles T. Salmon (Ph.D., University of Minnesota) holds the Ellis N. Brandt Chair and is Past Dean of the College of Communication Arts and Sciences at Michigan State University.