1st Edition

Communication and Computing Systems Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Communication and Computing Systems (ICCCS 2018), December 1-2, 2018, Gurgaon, India

    644 Pages
    by CRC Press

    644 Pages
    by CRC Press

    The International Conference on Communication and Computing Systems (ICCCS 2018) provides a high-level international forum for researchers and recent advances in the field of electronic devices, computing, big data analytics, cyber security, quantum computing, biocomputing, telecommunication, etc. The aim of the conference was to bridge the gap between the technological advancements in the industry and the academic research.

    Image processing and its applications

    3D Tumor segmentation using surface rendering technique; Sudha Rani, K. Mani Kumari, K. Aruna Kumari & T. Gnana Prakash

    Integration of big data and cloud computing for future internet of things; Mittal, S. Mall, S. Juyal & R. Chauhan

    Five-grade cancer classification of colon histology images via deep learning; Dabass, R. Vig & S. Vashisth

    An RGB image steganography with dual layer security; Biswas & S. Chand

    Software requirements selection using different patterns of pairwise comparison matrices of anaylytic hierarchy proces;.W. Mohammad, S. Khan & M. Sadiq

    Identification of the forged images using image forensic tools; A. Parveen, Z.H. Khan & S.N. Ahmad

    KNN classification using multi-core architecture for intrusion detection system; B.S. Sharmila & R. Nagapadma

    Creating 3D facial model from a 2D facial image; S. Mukherjee & D. Kamthania

    A novel Zernike moment based approach for optical flow estimation; S. Anthwal & D. Ganotra

    Epidemic spreading based word sense disambiguation of Hindi text; G. Jain & D.K. Lobiyal

    Empowering IoT with cloud technology; A. Kumar & A. Mehta

    Analysis of deforestation using satellite images of a region by color image segmentation; M. Pentakota & K. Kundu

    Recent trends in communication and soft computing

    Available bandwidth estimation in wireless ad-hoc networks: A modified approach; Mukta & N. Gupta

    An efficient maximal frequent itemset mining algorithm based on linear prefix tree; M. Sinthuja, N. Puviarasan & P. Aruna

    Passive fault-tolerant control system design with tracking control against major system faults: Application to a canonical tank level system; H.R. Patel & V.A. Shah

    Asymmetric cryptosystem based on fractional Fourier transform domain using triple random phase masks; S. Yadav & H. Singh

    Implementation of fiber network survivability by using P-L approach; C. Singh

    Performance analysis of cognitive radio networks over Nakagami-m fading channel; S. Sharma, H. Verma, A. Jain, A. Sharma & V. Pathak

    Performance analysis of photodetector for application in optical interconnect; S. Chaturvedi, A. Chaturvedi, S. Thomas, S. Sharma & B.B. Saga

    Optical networks-survivability aspect and prospect; C. Singh, P. SaiVamsi, K. Annapurna & K. Sarveswara Rao

    Real audio input signal transmission of OFDM for AWGN channel; P. Manhas, S. Thakral & M.K Soni

    Performance analysis of dual-hop Double Generalized Gamma (DGG) and Málaga distributed FSO network; A. Singha, S. Sharma & J. Gupta

    Effective-coverage and connectivity in WSN; A. Prakash & M.Y. Ansari

    Enhancement of ATC with load models using FACTS devices; T. Nireekshana, J. Bhavani, G. Kesava Rao & K. Jej

    Multiple hole detection in wireless underground sensor networks; A. Kaushik

    Word sense disambiguation using the unsupervised method; A. Kumari

    Edible electronics – smart approach towards medical applications; A. Anand, D. Sharma & P. Bansal

    Investigation of optical properties of a-Se80-xTe20Bix (x=0, 3, 9) thin films; Deepika, B.M.K. Prasad & S. Singh

    Energy aware image coding technique for wireless multimedia sensor network; A. Genta & D.K. Lobiyal

    FRP bio digester for efficient waste management; S. Singla & Vinod Kumar H.A.

    Next generation smart portal (Grouppy); S. Kumar, N. Gola, Kartik, N.S. Siddqui, P. Sharma & A. Chauhan

    A comparative study between constant weight and variable weight fins; Y. Chauhan, P.L. Sahu & A. Shrivastava

    Coverage preserving scheduling for life span maximization in wireless sensor network based internet of things; V. Kumar & S. Kumar

    Profit analysis of a system of non identical units with priority and preventive maintenance; P. Jain & V. Garg

    Mobile assistive application for visually impaired; S. Sharma & V. Malhotra

    Best to smart green manufacturing practices for small and medium enterprises: An importance-performance analysis; K. Lalwani, M. Mishra & R. Mattoo

    Study of blockchains implementation prospects in manufacturing sector; S. Kumar, B. Narang, A. Pillai & P. Kochar

    24/7 Work culture: Competitive advantages and challenges; d. Faiz, R. Singh, Siddharth & S. Mathur

    Relationship between economic value added and share prices of Hindustan Unilever Limited; S. Yadav, M. Hasan, P.K. Yadav & H. Gupta

    Enhancement of the property of black cotton soil using corn cob ash & iron ore tailings; N. Singh & T. Chauhan

    Gravitational search optimized resource allocation in underlay cognitive radio networks; S. Singh, B.M.K. Prasad

    Algorithms for maximal independent set problems; K. Yadav & M. Manjul

    Secure computing

    Detection and localization of copy move forgery using improved centre symmetric local binary pattern for enhanced accuracy and robustness; S. Sharma & U. Ghanekar

    Polynomial based key management security schemes in wireless sensor networks: A review; A.G. Dinker & V. Sharma

    A brief survey on negative sequential pattern mining and its impacts; P. Yadav

    A secure login method based on typing pattern: Md. Asraful Haque, N.Z. Khan & Gulnar Khatoon

    Analysis, design and implementation of fiber optic traffic by using Python; M.B. Harish, K.V.S.S.S.S. Sairam & C. Singh

    Detection and prevention of vulnerabilities in open source software: An experimental study; G.S. Rawat, & K. Singh

    Retrospection on security in cloud computing; Hansraj & A. Mehta

    SLA penalty and reward strategy for cloud computing; P. Tiwari & A. Mehta

    Vehicle detection and classification in surveillance video using KNN classifier; S. Gautam, Y. Sahu & P.L. Sahu

    Beyond CMOS devices for hardware security: A review; V. Singh, R. Kapoor & V. Malhotra

    Role of Social Networking Websites (SNS) in recruitment: A review analysis; T. Yadav, M. Narula & A. Singh

    Soft computing, intelligent system, machine vision and artificial neural network

    Dynamic reliability evaluation framework for mobile ad-hoc network with non-stationary node distribution; N. Padmavathy & K. Anusha

    Re-designing an Indian kitchen for the elderly using REVIT; S. Atreya & S. Agarwal

    Sarcasm detection in social media posts: A division of sentiment analysis; M. Vats & Y. Soni

    Applications of type II fuzzy sets—a mathematical review on breast cancer imaging modalities; J. Dabass, R. Vig & S. Arora

    New homotopy pertubation method for solving of coupled equation and heat equation and Laplace equation; M. Dhariwal & N. Fatima

    Implementation of survivability by using tier modes approach; C. Singh

    Association rule mining using swarm-based approaches: An analytical survey; P. Yadav

    Python programming for machine learning of big data analysis: Issues, solutions and benchmarks; K. Biswas & S. Chand

    Cloud Reports tool to implement IaaS framework with location-based authentication in cloud; A. Mehta & S.N. Panda

    Characterization of solar panels received from manufacturers in real field conditions using LabVIEW 394; A. Aggarwal, M. Kumar & R. Vig

    Analysis of PSO based clustering protocol in assorted scenarios of WSN; A. Gambhir, A. Payal & R. Arya

    Fuzzy based analysis of reality show analytics for TRP ratings based on the viewer’s opinion; V. Kakulapati, S.M. Reddy & K. Iswarya

    A study on dementia using machine learning techniques; D. Bansal, K. Khanna, R. Chhikara, R.K. Dua & R. Malhotra

    Big data analytics using soft computing techniques: A study; S.D. Karanam

    Fuzzy based opportunistic channel access by secondary user in cognitive radio system; J. Gupta, V.K. Dwivedi & V. Karwal

    Improving scalability and sparsity issues in hybrid recommender systems using real value GA;. Banda & K. Singh

    Data Lake: A plausible Big Data science for business intelligence; S. Vats & B.B. Sagar

    Brain tumor detection using supervisory nearest neighbor algorithm; K. Sudha Rani, K. Mani Kumari, K. Aruna Kumari & T. Gnana Prakash

    Time-slot assignment based channel access scheme for reliable transmission in VANET; R. Malladi, Ch. Srinivas & N. Gupta

    Research on computational grid generation method; Yan Yaoyuan & Han Bing

    Designing of sliding mode controller;. Rana & S. Sharma

    Algorithms to achieve maximum power for photovoltaic system; Sharma & N. Verma

    Lightweight simulated annealing based reconstruction algorithm for sparse binary signals; A. Aziz, K. Singh & W. Osamy

    ACO and GA based test suite reduction for component based software: A hybrid approach; Palak & P. Gulia

    Proactive health monitoring and screening using IoT and Artificial Intelligence; J. Kumar & K. Kundu

    Adiabatic air water 2-phase flow in circular micro-channel using heterogeneous particle swarm optimization; S. Kumar, A. Shrivastava & P.L. Sahu

    Optimisation of process parameters of orbital EDM; A. Diwan, A. Panwar & P.L. Sahu

    The inescapable effects of virtual laboratory and comparison of traditional laboratory with virtual laboratory; Dolly & V. Kumar

    Big Data and Hadoop: A review; M. Kaur & M. Goel

    Neural networks: Structure, application and learning method in artificial intelligence; A. Oommen & V. Kumar

    Numerical model of inverted trapezoidal fin horizontal array heat sink for heat transfer through natural convection; V. Verma, P. Daga & P.L. Sahu

    Study on temperature profiling of heating conductive yarn in SMART compression bandages; P. S. Pillai, S. Agarwal, B. Kumar, R. Alagirusamy, A. Das & C. Shakher

    Software engineering & emerging technologies

    Big Data techniques: Today and tomorrow; P. Khatana & Y. Soni

    VLSI & embedded systems

    Low-power and high-speed 15T SRAM cell using CMO; P. Kumari, S. Kumari & P. Gupta

    Monitoring and management using IoT sensing with cloud based processing; A. Arora, A. Aggarwal & R. Vig

    Integration of smart grid with Internet of Things; A. Goyal, V. Chauhan & R. Chauhan

    Study of robotic technique for in-pipe inspection with taxonomy and exploration of out oil pipe crawler; D. Mishra, R.S. Yadav, T. Pande, N.K. Shukla, K.K. Agrawal & R. Srivastava

    IoT and Big Data based smart healthcare system using portable Nuclear Magnetic Resonance;. Gupta, D.K. Lobiyal, C.P. Safvan, K. Singh

    A review: Reliability modeling of a computer system with hardware repair and software up-gradation subject to server vacation; J. Anand & Geeta

    Smart grid: Advancement with IoT; A. Sharma & C.S. Singh

    IoT primarily based pollution monitoring system; S. Rana & K. Kundu

    Light robotics – emerging scope and its future applications; D. Sharma, A. Anand & P. Bansal

    IoT (Internet of Things) enabled intelligent transportation system; A. Ahmed, H. Jain & C.S. Singh

    IOT based model for smart city implementation in India; Deepika & C.S. Singh

    Analytical and experimental characterization of friction force in belt motion; S. Yadav, M.K. Mishra & V. Mishra

    Internet of Things system: Design and development process; Preeti, N. Kumar, M. Sharma & V. Malhotra

    IOT based smart farming system; P. Yadav & V. Malhotra

    IOT based garbage monitoring system; R. Yadav & A. Kumar


    Dr. B. M. K. Prasad is presently serving as the Principal of Dronacharya College of Engineering, Gurgaon, India. He is professor in the Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, Dronacharya College of Engineering, Gurgaon, India. He completed his Post Graduation (1984) and PhD (1990) from Patna University, Patna, India. He has presented numbers of papers in national & international conferences. He is a reviewer in many reputed journals. He has also been involved in many innovative and research-oriented projects. He has to his credit a number of books, technical projects, PhD supervisions and a number of academic activities.

    Dr. Karan Singh received an Engineering Degree (Computer Science & Engineering) from Kamala Nehru Institute of Technology, Sultanpur, UP, India. He received a M.Tech and PhD from MNNIT Allahabad deemed university. Currently, he is working as Assistant Professor in the School of Computer & Systems Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. His primary research interests are in computer network and computer network security. He has published a number of research papers in reputed journals and conference proceedings. Dr. Singh has also organized a number of workshops and conferences.

    Prof (Dr.) Shyam S. Pandey is working as Associate Professor at the Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan and is involved in teaching Advanced Electrochemical Technology to graduate students and Research and Development Photo-functional Materials for the Next Generation Photovoltaic Devices.

    Prof. Richard O'Kennedy is scientific Director at the Biomedical Diagnostics Institute (BDI), Dublin City University, Ireland. His research areas include Immunoassays, Antibody Engineering, Sensors. He has published a number of research papers in reputed journals and in conference proceedings.