1st Edition

Communism And Political Systems In Western Europe

By David Albright Copyright 1979
    by Routledge

    402 Pages
    by Routledge

    Developments of the 1970s suggest the need for a new approach to the analysis of communism in Western Europe. During the early years after World War II, Western observers tended to look upon the West European Communist parties as fundamentally an extension of communism in the USSR—as national only in the narrow, formal sense. With the growing signs

    Preface -- An Introductory Overview -- Italy: The Changing Role of the PCI -- France: The Evolution of the PCF -- Spain: The PCE and the Post-Franco Era -- Portugal: The PCP and the Portuguese Revolution -- Greece: Communism in a Non-Western Setting -- Finland: The SKP and Electoral Politics -- Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Iceland: The Struggle between Nationalism and Internationalism -- Great Britain: Revolution or Gradualism for the CPGB? -- The Challenge of Eurocommunism