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Communities Surviving Migration Village Governance, Environment and Cultural Survival in Indigenous Mexico

    240 Pages
    by Routledge

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    by Routledge

    Out-migration might decrease the pressure of population on the environment, but what happens to the communities that manage the local environment when they are weakened by the absence of their members? In an era where community-based natural resource management has emerged as a key hope for sustainable development, this is a crucial question.

    Building on over a decade of empirical work conducted in Oaxaca, Mexico, Communities Surviving Migration identifies how out-migration can impact rural communities in strongholds of biocultural diversity. It reflects on the possibilities of community self-governance and survival in the likely future of limited additional migration and steady – but low – rural populations, and what different scenarios imply for environmental governance and biodiversity conservation. In this way, the book adds a critical cultural component to the understanding of migration-environment linkages, specifically with respect to environmental change in migrant-sending regions.

    Responding to the call for more detailed analyses and reporting on migration and environmental change, especially in contexts where rural communities, livelihoods and biodiversity are interconnected, this volume will be of interest to students and scholars of environmental migration, development studies, population geography, and Latin American studies.

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    Chapter 1 - Communities Surviving Migration? The Migration-Community-Environment Nexus

    James P. Robson, Dan Klooster, and Jorge Hernández-Díaz

    Chapter 2 - Population, Territory, and Governance in Rural Oaxaca

    Jorge Hernández-Díaz and James P. Robson

    Chapter 3 - Migration Dynamics and Migrant Organising in Rural Oaxaca

    Jorge Hernández-Díaz and James P. Robson


    Chapter 4 - Avatars of Community: The Zapotec Migrants of Zoogocho Micro-region

    Jorge Hernández-Díaz

    Chapter 5 - Santa María Tindú: The Tip of a Melting Iceberg

    Dan Klooster

    Chapter 6 - Children of the Wind: Migration and Change in Santa María Yavesia

    Mario Fernando Ramos Morales and James P. Robson

    Chapter 7 - More Space and More Constraint: Migration and Environment in Santa Cruz Tepetotutla

    Dan Klooster

    Chapter 8 - Migration, Community, and Land Use in San Juan Evangelista Analco

    Fermín Sosa Pérez and James P. Robson

    Chapter 9 - Adaptive Governance or Cultural Transformation? The Monetization of Usos y Costumbres in Santiago Comaltepec

    James P. Robson


    Chapter 10 - The Changing Landscapes of Indigenous Oaxaca

    James P. Robson and Dan Klooster

    Chapter 11 - Migrant Organising, Village Governance, and the Ephemeral Nature of Translocality

    Jorge Hernández-Díaz and James P. Robson

    Chapter 12 - Communities Shaping Migration: The Migration-Community-Environment NexusDan Klooster, James P. Robson, and Jorge Hernández-Díaz




    James P. Robson is Assistant Professor (Human Dimensions of Sustainability) at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada.

    Dan Klooster is Professor of Environmental Studies at the University of Redlands, USA.

    Jorge Hernández-Díaz is Research Professor at the Universidad Autónoma Benito Juárez de Oaxaca (UABJO), Mexico.