1st Edition

Commutative Ring Theory Proceedings of the Ii International Conference

    Presents the proceedings of the Second International Conference on Commutative Ring Theory in Fes, Morocco. The text details developments in commutative algebra, highlighting the theory of rings and ideals. It explores commutative algebra's connections with and applications to topological algebra and algebraic geometry.

    Group rings R[G] with 4-generated ideals when R is an Artinian principal ideal ring; quotients of unit groups of commutative rings; some remarks on G-noetherian rings; some remarks on the ring R; factorization in K[S]; pseudo-valuation rings; some factorization properties of A+XB[X] domains; on spectral binary relation; Puiseux's theorem for generalized power series field; the first braided homology group; ring isomorphisms of Jordan-Banach algebras; nonfinite heights; on weakly semi-Steinitz rings; the dimension of tensor products of AF-rings; the special trace property; Krull and valuative dimension of the Serre conjecture ring Rn;Skolem properties for several indeterminates; communitativity of normed algebras satisfying Ex2=Ex for every x; mixed grading on polynomial rings; canonical module and one-dimensional analytically irreducible Arf domains; filtrations, Pruferian closure relative to a module; on minimal generating sets of modules over a special principal ideal ring; the expected weighted dimension of a sum of vector spaces; N-coherent rings and modules; on Braided homology. (Part contents).


    Paul-Jean Cahen, Marco Fontana, Evan Houston, Salah-Eddine Kabbaj