" Exploring commutative algebra's connections with and applications to topological algebra and algebraic geometry, Commutative Ring Theory covers the spectra of rings chain conditions, dimension theory, and Jaffard rings fiber products group rings, semigroup rings, and graded rings class groups linear groups integer-valued polynomials rings of finite fractions big Cohen-Macaulay modules and much more!"

    "Seminormal Mori Domains, V. Barucci Maximality Properties in Numerical Semigroups, with Applications to One-Dimensional Analytically Irreducible Local Domains, V. Barucci, D. Dobbs, and M. Fontana The Graded and Tame Extensions, M. Boulagouaz Ascending Chain Conditions and Associated Primes, P.-J. Cahen Polynomials Whose Derivatives Are Integer-Valued in Number Fields, J.-L. Chabert Krull Dimension of Graded Algebras, R. Chibloun and A. Micali Radices in Commutative Rings, D. Costa and G. Keller The Generalized Samuel Numbers, H. Dichi Some Locally Trivial Star-Theoretic Properties of Integral Domains, D. Dobbs and M. Zafrullah The Altitude Formula, O. Echi Absolutely Pure Modules and Locally Injective Modules, A. Facchini Krull and Valuative Dimensions of the A + XB[X] Rings, M. Fontana, L. Izelgue, and S. Kabbaj Divisorial Ideals and Class Groups of Mori Domains, S. Gabelli t-Intertibility and Comparability, R. Gilmer, J. Mott, and M. Zafrullah AF-Ring and Locally Jaffard Rings, F. Girolami Prime t-Ideals in R[X], E. Houston A Characterization of Semi-Artinian Rings, A. Idelhadj and A. Kaidi The Ring of Finite Fractions, T. Lucas Graded Rings and Modules, H. Matsumura Symbolic Powers, Rees Algebras, and Applications, J.-I. Nishimura Soundable Subsets of a Spectrum and Depth, G. Picavet t-Close Rings, M. Picavet-l'Hermitte Some Aspects of the Asymptotic Theory of Ideals. Generalization to Filtrations, D. Sangare Chain Conditions Arising from the Study of Nonfinitely Generated Modules Over Commutative Rings, S. Zarzuela "


    Paul-Jean Cahen, Douglas L. Costa, Marco Fontana, Sarah-Eddine Kabbaj