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Companion Encyclopedia of Asian Philosophy

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ISBN 9780415240383
Published October 17, 2000 by Routledge
1160 Pages

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Book Description

The Companion Encyclopedia of Asian Philosophy is a unique one-volume reference work which makes a broad range of richly varied philosophical, ethical and theological traditions accessible to a wide audience.
The Companion is divided into six sections covering the main traditions within Asian thought: Persian; Indian; Buddhist; Chinese; Japanese; and Islamic philosophy. Each section contains a collection of chapters which provide comprehensive coverage of the origins of the tradition, its approaches to, for example, logic and languages, and to questions of morals and society. The chapters also contain useful histories of the lives of the key influential thinkers, as well as a thorough analysis of the current trends.

Table of Contents

Part 1. Persian Philosophy Introduction 1. The Origins of Zoroastrian philosophy 2. Later Zoroastrian 3. Morals and society in Zoroastrian philosophy 4. Contemporary Zoroastrian philosophy Part 2. Indian Philosophy Introduction 5. The origins of Indian philosophy 6. Non-orthodox Indian philosophies 7. Nyâya-Vaiúeºika 8. Sânkhya-Yoga 9. Purva Mînâmsâ and Vedânta 10. Úânkarâcârya 11. Later Vedânta 12. Logic and language in Indian philosophy 13. Knowledge and reality in Indian philosophy 14. Morals and society in Indian philosophy 15. Contemporary Indian philosophy Part 3. Buddhist Philosophy Introduction 16. The Buddha 17. Buddhism in India 18, Nâgârjuna 19. Buddhism in Tibet 20. Buddhism in Sri Lanka and south-east Asia 21. Logic and language in Buddhism 22. Knowledge and reality in Buddhism 23. Morals and society in Buddhism 24, Contemporary Buddhist philosophy Part 4. Chinese Philosophy Introduction 25. The origins of Chinese philosophy 26. Confucius and Confucianism 27. Daoism in Chinese philosophy 28. Buddhism in Chinese philosophy 29. Mao Zedong and 'Chinese Marxism' 30. logic and language in Chinese philosophy 31. Knowledge and reality in Chinese philosophy 32. Morals and society in Chinese philosophy 33. Contemporary Chinese philosophy Part 5. Japanese Philosophy Introduction 34. The origins of Japanese philosophy 35. Confucuanism in Japan 36. Buddhism in Japan 37. Morals and society in Japanese philosophy 38. Contemporary Japanese philosophy Part 6. Islamic Philosophy Introduction 39. The origins of Islamic philosophy 40. Al-Fârâbî 41. Avicenna 42. Islamic philosophy in south and south-east Asia 45. Logic and language in Islamic philosophy 46. Knowledge and reality in Islamic philosophy 47. Morals and society in Islamic philosophy 48. Contemporary philosophy Glossary Index

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