1st Edition

Companion Encyclopedia of Psychology Volume Two

Edited By Andrew M. Colman Copyright 1994

    Psychology plays an increasingly important role in today's society. Its influence can be seen all around us - be it in the home, the workplace, the school or our private lives. A uniquely diverse discipline, it ranges from social psychology to biological aspects of behaviour, and from basic research to the applied professions. This Companion Encyclopedia covers all these main branches of psychological research and professional practice.

    The thematic arrangement is the result of the Editor's extensive research into syllabi, from which he distilled the 13 most frequently taught units. Students can consult and be referred to sections relating to their lecture programme, and can find lucid definitions of frequently used terms in the Glossary. Headings and sub-headings are clearly highlighted at the beginning of each chapter - ideal for quick reference.

    * Provides authoritative and in-depth reference material on all major branches of psychological research and professional practice
    * Contributors include many of the world's most eminent psychologists
    * Written in a lively style without assuming previous knowledge of the subject
    * Structured according to the core topics appearing most often as discrete modules in contemporary psychology courses
    * Detailed bibliographies, further reading sections, exhaustive index and glossary of technical terms
    * Containing 165 supporting illustrations

    VOLUME 2

    8 Developmental psychology

    9 Social psychology

    10 Abnormal psychology

    11 Special topics

    12 Research methods and statistics

    13 The professions of psychology




    Andrew M. Colman is a Reader in Psychology at the University of Leicester, UK and is a qualified psychologist.

    His previous books include Facts, Fallacies and Frauds in Psychology and What is Psychology? The Inside Story. He is founder and former editor of the journal Current Psychology: Research and Reviews and has contributed over 100 articles to prestigious journals such as the British Journal of Psychology, Criminal Law Review and American Psychologist.

    He served for several years as Honorary Information Secretary of the British Psychological Society, and late as registrar and Chief Examiner for the society's qualifying examination.

    `Never before have so many academic and applied psychologists of such eminence contributed in depth to a single reference work. The authors have succeeded in writing readable, up-to-date, authoritative and accurate accounts of knowledge in their topics; and they have done so in such a way which does not obscure continuing conceptual disputes. I believe the truly interested non-specialist is here offered a greater understanding of contemporary psychology than can be gained from any other single work.' - Times Higher Education Supplement

    `Undoubtedly this is an impressive set of authors who have been gathered together to produce this volume. The collective expertise present should make it an essential desk book for anyone interested in the study or teaching of psychology and a worthy addition to the library of readers with general interests.' - Dr R.A. Johnson, University of Wales, Cardiff

    `I was hoping for a clear, easy-to-read style and plenty of guidance in finding my way around the book. I was not disappointed. The contents pages are well presented, there is a comprehensive index and a ... summary box at the beginning of each chapter. The topics are arranged thematically and reflect what is currently being taught in psychology courses, so its relevance to students is not in doubt ... The range of subjects is comprehensive ... An impressive group of international contributors has been chosen and they have achieved a pleasing uniformity of style ... a useful investment ... a very friendly introduction to psychology.' - Library Association Record

    `Extraordinarily well edited. Much editorial care is reflected both in the uniformity of the style of the chapters and in the obvious effort that has been made to cover the relevant literature.' - Lewis R. Goldberg, Ph.D., University of Oregon and Oregon Research Institute, USA

    `There are two main factors which distinguish this work. Firstly, the calibre of authors, since many of the chapters are written by psychologists who are eminent in their chosen field. Secondly, whilst providing the solid backbone of undergraduate psychology, the book also introduces the reader to some current topics of interest to psychologists.' - Brenda MacLachland, Clinical Psychologist, Cardiff, Wales

    `This book offers an outstanding collection of essays on psychology ... Highly recommended for collections serving teachers, professionals, researchers, and graduate students.' - Library Journal

    `This book is to be strongly recommended. The contributors are some of the world's most eminent researchers in their fields, and the coverage is excellent. None of us could think of any serious psychological topic which is not covered, and covered well.' - Reference Reviews

    `A welcome addition to any public, academic or health science center reference collection. Highly recommended.' - Choice

    `The strength of this Companion lies in the quality of the essays written by American, British or British-based academics. Accessible to the interested layman as well as the academic, these essays are welcomingly readable. Given the popularity of psychology this 2 volume set might merit a place in the smaller library searching for something more than a dictionary.' - Public Library Journal