1st Edition

Comparative Approaches to Chinese Philosophy

Edited By

Bo Mou

ISBN 9780754605089
Published September 10, 2018 by Routledge
354 Pages

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Book Description

This anthology explores how Chinese and Western philosophies could jointly and constructively contribute to a common philosophical enterprise. Philosophers with in-depth knowledge of both traditions present a variety of distinct comparative approaches, offering a refined introduction to the further reaches of Chinese philosophy in the comparative context, especially regarding its three major constituents - Confucianism, philosophical Daoism, and the Yi-Jing philosophy. This book examines various issues concerning philosophical methodology, ethics, metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of language, and logic, and investigates both the living-spring source of Chinese philosophy and its contemporary implications and development through contemporary resources. The balanced coverage, accessible content, and breadth of approaches presented in this anthology make it a valuable resource for students of Chinese Philosophy, Comparative Philosophy, and other related courses.

Table of Contents

Contents: Editor's introduction; Identity of Chinese philosophy and its modern studies: Emergence of the history of Chinese philosophy, Antonio S. Cua; Yi-Jing philosophy: Enquiring into the primary model: Yi-Jing and Chinese ontological hermeneutics, Chung-yin Cheng; Hegelian, Yi-Jing and Buddhist transformational models for comparative philosophy, Robert Elliott Allinson; Becoming-being complementarity: an account of the Yin-Yang metaphysical vision of the Yi-Jing, Bo Mou; Confucianism: Virtue ethics and Confucianism, Bryan W. Van Norden; The principled benevolence: a synthesis of Kantian and Confucian moral judgment, Robin R. Wang; Social justice: Rawlsian or Confucian?, Ruiping Fan; Towards a minimal common ground for humanist dialogue: a comparative analysis of Confucian ethics and American ethical humanism, You-zheng Li; The project of Boston Confucianism, Robert Cummings Neville; Philosophical Daoism: The metaphysics of Dao, Chad Hansen; 'It-self-so-ing' and 'other-ing' in Lao Zi's concept of Zi Ran, Qingjie (James) Wang; Eternal Dao, constant name, and language engagement: on the opening message of the Dao-De-Jing, Bo Mou; Zhuang Zi and Aristotle on What A Thing Is, Chenyang Li; The Daoist conception of truth: Laozi's metaphysical realism vs. Zhuangzi's internal realism, JeeLoo Liu; Logic-Related Concerns: Ming-Jia (the Logicians) and Zeno: a comparative study, Chuang Liu; The thesis of anti-logic in Buddhism, Yiu-ming Fung; Index.

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