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Comparative Constitutional Change

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Comparative Constitutional Change has developed into a distinct field of constitutional law. It encompasses the study of constitutions through the way they change and covers a wide scope of topics and methodologies. Books in this series include work on developments in the functions of the constitution, the organization of powers and the protection of rights, as well as research that focuses on formal amendment rules and the relation between constituent and constituted power. The series includes comparative approaches along with books that focus on single jurisdictions, and brings together research monographs and edited collections which allow the expression of different schools of thought. While the focus is primarily on law, where relevant the series may also include political science, historical, philosophical and empirical approaches that explore constitutional change.

Xenophon Contiades is Professor of Public Law, Panteion University, Athens, Greece and Managing Director, Centre for European Constitutional Law, Athens, Greece.

Thomas Fleiner is Emeritus Professor of Law at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland.

Alkmene Fotiadou is Research Associate at the Centre for European Constitutional Law, Athens, Greece.

Richard Albert is the William Stamps Farish Professor in Law and Professor of Government at the University of Texas at Austin, USA.

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Courts, Politics and Constitutional Law Judicialization of Politics and Politicization of the Judiciary

Courts, Politics and Constitutional Law: Judicialization of Politics and Politicization of the Judiciary

1st Edition

Edited By Martin Belov
October 29, 2019

This book examines how the judicialization of politics, and the politicization of courts, affect representative democracy, rule of law, and separation of powers. This volume critically assesses the phenomena of judicialization of politics and politicization of the judiciary. It explores the rising...

Quasi-Constitutionality and Constitutional Statutes Forms, Functions, Applications

Quasi-Constitutionality and Constitutional Statutes: Forms, Functions, Applications

1st Edition

Edited By Richard Albert, Joel Colón-Ríos
February 28, 2019

This book examines the interstices among statutory enactment, constitutional convention and  formal constitution in which quasi-constitutionality exists. It provides a focal resource that can serve as a point of reference for scholars interested in quasi-constitutionality as a whole, from ...

Democratic Decline in Hungary Law and Society in an Illiberal Democracy

Democratic Decline in Hungary: Law and Society in an Illiberal Democracy

1st Edition

By András L. Pap
March 28, 2019

This book shows the rise and morphology of a self-identified `illiberal democracy’, the first 21st century illiberal political regime arising in the European Union. Since 2010, Viktor Orbán’s governments in Hungary have convincingly offered an anti-modernist and anti-cosmopolitan/anti-European ...

Participatory Constitutional Change The People as Amenders of the Constitution

Participatory Constitutional Change: The People as Amenders of the Constitution

1st Edition

Edited By Xenophon Contiades, Alkmene Fotiadou
August 14, 2018

This book explores the recent trend of enhancing the role of the people in constitutional change. It traces the reasons underlying this tendency, the new ways in which it takes form, the possibilities of success and failure of such ventures as well as the risks and benefits it carries. To do so, it...

New Challenges to Constitutional Adjudication in Europe A Comparative Perspective

New Challenges to Constitutional Adjudication in Europe: A Comparative Perspective

1st Edition

Edited By Zoltán Szente, Fruzsina Gárdos-Orosz
March 19, 2018

In the past few years, constitutional courts have been presented with new challenges. The world financial crisis, the new wave of terrorism, mass migration and other country-specific problems have had wide-ranging effects on the old and embedded constitutional standards and judicial constructions. ...

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