1st Edition

Comparative Inquiry In Politics And Political Economy Theories And Issues

By Ronald H Chilcote Copyright 2000
    224 Pages
    by Routledge

    227 Pages
    by Routledge

    "Comparative Inquiry in Politics and Political Economy provides all the essentials for a superb introductory text in comparative politics; comprehensive in scope; historical in approach; and fair-minded in its treatment of liberal, conservative, and radical perspectives. The best single survey of the field available today for classroom use." -James Petras, SUNY-Binghamton "The student of comparative political inquiry now has a safe map to guide their way. Ronald Chilcote has produced a fine overview of the theories and politics of this field, equally attentive to mainstream and radical alternatives alike. With a balance that does not preclude passion, Chilcote provides a unique critical engagement with the subject of comparative politics and political economy." —Ronaldo Munck, University of Liverpool "Prof. Chilcote has made a magisterial contribution to the social sciences. This book situates comparative politics and international relations within the context of the development of social and economic thought over the past two hundred years. It is an excellent resource for introducing upper division students to advanced ideas in the social sciences, or for graduate students seeking a secure foundation in the intellectual development of the field. Prof. Chilcote's attention to a wide range of ideological and theoretical tendencies in the social sciences makes this book vastly more comprehensive than the syllabi of many graduate level survey courses." -Gregory Nowell, SUNY-Albany "In this sweeping intellectual history of comparative politics and political economy, Chilcote resolutely refuses to take for granted the assumptions of the Euro-American mainstream. Instead, his refreshing survey juxtaposes the dominant approaches systematically to Marxist and other alternative paradigms. Clear and direct exposition makes this a valuable text for advanced undergraduate and graduate students." —Richard Stahler-Sholk, Eastern Michigan University As an introductory text in comparative study, this work begins with the assumption that students should examine a variety of perspectives and explore alternative possibilities as a means of arousing curiosity, stimulating creativity, building interest and self-motivation, and enhancing understanding of complex issues in politics and political economy. The book provides the student with the foundations for comparative inquiry. Its purpose is threefold: to sketch an overview of the major theories and concepts; to expose issues and summarize arguments and counter-arguments; and to encourage the beginning student to pursue critical thinking in the recognition that mainstream ideas deserve scrutiny, that many essential questions remain unsettled, and that the outcome may result in the formulation and reinforcement of a personal perspective, premised on one's individual learning.

    Preface -- Introduction -- The Politics of Comparative Inquiry -- Theoretical Paths -- Dichotomies of Theories -- Institutional Frameworks -- The Social Dimension -- The Cultural Dimension -- The Economic Dimension -- The Political Dimension -- Conclusion -- The Unending Search for a Paradigm in Political Economy


    Ronald H Chilcote