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Comparative Policy Evaluation

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The Comparative Policy Evaluation series is an interdisciplinary and internationally focused set of books that embodies within it a strong emphasis on comparative analyses of governance issues—drawing from all continents and many different nation states.  The lens through which these policy initiatives are viewed and reviewed is that of evaluation.  These evaluation assessments are done mainly from the perspectives of sociology, anthropology, economics, policy science, auditing, law, and human rights. Thebooks also provide a strong longitudinal perspective on the evolution of the policy issues being analyzed.

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Changing Bureaucracies Adapting to Uncertainty, and How Evaluation Can Help

Changing Bureaucracies: Adapting to Uncertainty, and How Evaluation Can Help

1st Edition


Edited By Burt Perrin, Tony Tyrrell
May 30, 2022

In Changing Bureaucracies, international experts provide an unparalleled look at how public sector bureaucracies can better adapt to the reality of unprecedented levels of uncertainty and complexity, and how they can better respond to the emerging needs and demands of citizens and beneficiaries. In...

The Realpolitik of Evaluation Why Demand and Supply Rarely Intersect

The Realpolitik of Evaluation: Why Demand and Supply Rarely Intersect

1st Edition

Edited By Markus Palenberg, Arne Paulson
May 06, 2022

The Realpolitik of Evaluation shines a light on the divergent demands for evaluation. But what explains the "gap" between what those on the "demand" side expect in terms of evaluation results, and the "supply" of information provided by evaluators? Can anything be done to narrow this gap? What ...

Long Term Perspectives in Evaluation Increasing Relevance and Utility

Long Term Perspectives in Evaluation: Increasing Relevance and Utility

1st Edition

Edited By Kim Forss, Ida Lindkvist, Mark McGillivray
April 29, 2022

Long Term Perspectives in Evaluation is the first book to advocate the virtues of a long-term perspective for policy evaluation as well as to show how evaluations can take a longer time perspective than they usually do. To get there, it is necessary to understand the decision-making context of ...

Ethics for Evaluation Beyond “doing no harm” to “tackling bad” and “doing good”

Ethics for Evaluation: Beyond “doing no harm” to “tackling bad” and “doing good”

1st Edition

Edited By Rob D. van den Berg, Penny Hawkins, Nicoletta Stame
December 31, 2021

In Ethics for Evaluation the diverse perspectives on ethical guidance in evaluation are untangled and ordered in a theoretical framework focusing on evaluations doing no harm, tackling bad and doing good. Divided into four parts a diverse group of subject experts present a practical look at ethics,...

Crossover of Audit and Evaluation Practices Challenges and Opportunities

Crossover of Audit and Evaluation Practices: Challenges and Opportunities

1st Edition

Edited By Maria Barrados, Jeremy Lonsdale
February 28, 2020

Crossover of Audit and Evaluation Practices brings together academic analysis with insights from practitioners to discuss the potential for collaboration in audit and evaluation practices between three professional disciplines. Clearly written and thoughtfully organized, this volume is structured ...

The Evaluation Enterprise A Critical View

The Evaluation Enterprise: A Critical View

1st Edition

Edited By Jan-Eric Furubo, Nicoletta Stame
July 16, 2018

Today, evaluation is part of governing systems and is supported by powerful institutions. It is taken for granted that evaluation leads to betterment. However, evaluation itself is seldom analyzed from a critical perspective. In this book, Jan-Eric Furubo and Nicoletta Stame have assembled an ...

Cyber Society, Big Data, and Evaluation

Cyber Society, Big Data, and Evaluation

1st Edition

Edited By Gustav Jakob Petersson, Jonathan D. Breul
February 19, 2018

We are living in a cyber society. Mobile devices, social media, the Internet, crime cameras, and other diverse sources can be pulled together to form massive datasets, known as big data, which make it possible to learn things we could not begin to comprehend otherwise. While private companies are ...

Evaluating the Complex Attribution, Contribution and Beyond

Evaluating the Complex: Attribution, Contribution and Beyond

1st Edition

Edited By Kim Forss, Mita Marra, Robert Schwartz
August 15, 2011

In the economic atmosphere following the crisis of 2008, not only have governments reacted by creating more complex policy initiatives, but they have also promised that all of these initiatives will be evaluated. Due to the complexity of many of the initiatives, the ways of evaluating are becoming ...

Doing Public Good? Private Actors, Evaluation, and Public Value

Doing Public Good?: Private Actors, Evaluation, and Public Value

1st Edition

Edited By R. Pablo Guerrero O., Peter Wilkins
December 30, 2015

This book examines the contributions of non-public organizations, such as foundations, philanthropies, charities, non-governmental organizations, private businesses, and entrepreneurs to public goods and services. Too often the impact of the contributions of such private actors are overlooked. ...

Success in Evaluation Focusing on the Positives

Success in Evaluation: Focusing on the Positives

1st Edition

Edited By Steffen Bohni Nielsen, Rudi Turksema, Peter van der Knapp
May 30, 2015

Success in Evaluation takes a fundamentally different approach to the mainstream supply side discussion of evaluation quality, utilization, and learning. The contributors believe that a systematic focus on success will lead to increased awareness of evaluation and its findings, a more positive ...

Speaking Justice to Power Ethical and Methodological Challenges for Evaluators

Speaking Justice to Power: Ethical and Methodological Challenges for Evaluators

1st Edition

Edited By Kim Forss, Mita Marra
September 30, 2014

Efficiency, economy, and equity are policy goals pursued by governments around the world, but analysts and evaluators have devoted more effort to measuring and evaluating the first two. In Speaking Justice to Power, contributors examine the concept of equity, the role it plays, and its application ...

Evaluation and Turbulent Times Reflections on a Discipline in Disarray

Evaluation and Turbulent Times: Reflections on a Discipline in Disarray

1st Edition

Edited By Jan-Eric Furubo, Ray C. Rist, Sandra Speer
August 30, 2013

Now more than ever, policy evaluation is an important component in addressing the world's economic crisis. Before it can do so, the discipline must adapt to changing economic and political environments. The contributors address a basic question: What impact do crises have on evaluation and how can ...

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