Comparative Social Dynamics : Essays In Honor Of S. N. Eisenstadt book cover
1st Edition

Comparative Social Dynamics
Essays In Honor Of S. N. Eisenstadt

ISBN 9780367164768
Published February 19, 2021 by Routledge
424 Pages

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Book Description

This book includes essays that provide fresh and important insights to the study of topics such as the interface of anthropological and sociological theory, the dynamics of Latin American and Asian societies, and social change in Israel and in developing countries.

Table of Contents

S. N. Eisenstadt: Some Personal Observations Part 1: Process and Change in Tribal and Historical Societies 1. A Generation After "From Generation to Generation": Coevals and Competitors in "Cattle Complex" Societies 2. The Ecological Dynamics of Empires: Seventeenth-Century Crises in Ottoman Turkey and Ming China 3. Tradition and Transformation in India and China: A Total-Society Approach 4. Two Types of Spatial Boundaries 5. The Sources of Charismatic Leadership: Max Weber Revisited 6. Sociocultural Change in Thailand: A Reconceptualization 7. Sociopolitical Roles of Muslim Clerics and Scholars in West Africa 8. Imperial Breakdown: S. N. Eisenstadt's Work and the Spanish-American Case 9. A Critical Commentary on Tocqueville's Prophecies: Bureaucratization and Its Evolution in French Administration Part 2: Modernization 10. The Changing Centers of Modernity 11. Institutionalized Inequalities, the Structure of Trust, and Clientelism in Modern Latin America 12. Interpreting Traditions in a Developmental Planning Context: A Malawian Case Study 13. Internal Migration: Determinants and Policies 14. Exit—The Gains and Losses of International Migration Part 3: Sociology of Science 15. Puritanism and Modern Science: A Study in the Continuity and Coherence of Sociological Research 16. Borrowing the Concept of Energy in Freudian Psychoanalysis Part 4: Israeli Society 17. Strategies of Class Formation: The Case of the Labor Movement in the Jewish Community of Palestine, 1918–1948 18. Between the Primordial and the Civil Definitions of the Collective Identity: Eretz Israel or the State of Israel? 19. Urban Patronage in Israel 20. Theories of Participatory Democracy and the Kibbutz 21. Integration in Army and Nation: An Essay in Institutional Permeability Part 5: Sociological and Anthropological Theory 22. "Institutionalization" and "Collective Behavior": Points of Contact Between Eisenstadt's Functionalism and Symbolic lnteractionism 23. Charisma, Liminality, and Symbolic Types 24. Genes and Culture: Thoughts on Methodology and Biological Analogies in Social Theory 25. Tractatus Sociologico-Philosophicus

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