1st Edition

Compassing the Vaste Globe of the Earth Studies in the History of the Hakluyt Society, 1846–1996

By R.C. Bridges, P.E.H. Hair Copyright 1999

    A special volume of essays to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Society, with a full listing and index of Hakluyt Society publications 1847-1995. Containing: P.E.H. Hair, ’The Hakluyt Society: from Past to Future’; R.C. Bridges, ’William Desborough Cooley and the Foundation of the Hakluyt Society’; Tony Campbell, ’R.H. Major and the British Museum’; R.J. Bingle, ’Henry Yule: India and Cathay’; Ann Savours, ’Clements Markham: longest serving Officer, most prolific Editor’; C.F. Beckingham, ’William Foster and the Records of the India Office’; D.B. Quinn, ’R.A. Skelton of the Map Room’; Michael Strachan, ’Esmond S. de Beer: Scholar and Benefactor’; and R.C. Bridges and P.E.H. Hair, ’The Hakluyt Society and World History’.

    List of Illustrations, Preface.  Part 1 Prolegomena. Part 2 The Nineteenth Century: Victorian Figures. Part 3 The Twentieth Century: Recollected Figures. Part 4 Epilogue. Appendices. 


    R.C. Bridges, P.E.H. Hair