1st Edition

Competing in Emerging Markets Cases and Readings

Edited By Hemant Merchant Copyright 2008
    276 Pages
    by Routledge

    276 Pages
    by Routledge

    This groundbreaking book provides an essential set of readings and case studies that facilitates a much-needed fundamental rethinking about drivers of successful as well as unsuccessful firm conduct in Emerging markets, and about the role of sophisticated but (usually) poorly-serving Western theories and ideas regarding competition and competitive traps and successes.

    Although this book is intended primarily for Emerging markets courses, it can also be used for various other courses in international management or international strategy. It explores a range of themes, including:

    • the strategic and operational challenges companies face while competing in these relatively new (and, therefore, generally unfamiliar) markets
    • the imperative to generate creative solutions in response to idiosyncratic challenges posed by Emerging markets.

    Competing in Emerging Markets emphasizes both the unique challenges facing corporate managers who operate (or intend to operate) in Emerging markets, and the ways in which managers can efficiently and effectively respond to these competitive challenges. As one of the first comprehensive texts on this subject, Competing in Emerging Markets is certain to become a standard in the field.

    The case studies included in this book all have detailed teaching notes which are available to instructors who adopt the book for their courses. For these and other resources, log on to the book's companion website at: www.routledge.com/textbooks/9780415399500

    Part 1: Case Studies  1. Dell's Dilemma in Brazil: Negotiating at the State Level   2. Kmart de Mexico  3. Unicord PLC: The Bumble Bee Acquisition  4. Nora-Sakari: A Proposed JV in Malaysia (Revised)  5. Red Star China (A): Discovering the Essence of Guanxi  6. Hero Honda Motors (India) Ltd.: Is it Honda that Made it a Hero?  7. Strategic Crossroads at Matáv: Hungary's Telecommunications Powerhouse  8. Managing Pibrex Russia (A): New Crisis, Old Grievances  9. Olly Racela in Bangkok  Part 2: Readings  10. Distance Still Matters: The Hard Reality of Global Expansion  11. Strategy Under Uncertainty  12. Harnessing the Science of Persuasion  13. Achieving Business Success in Confucian Societies: The Importance of Guanxi (Connections)  14. The Role of Family Conglomerates in Emerging Markets: What Western Companies Should Know  15. Transferring Management Knowledge to Russia: A Culturally Based Approach


    Dr. Hemant Merchant is Associate Professor of International Strategy at Barry Kaye College of Business of Florida Atlantic University (USA). He has lived and worked in Emerging as well as non-Emerging markets, and chaired the Emerging markets track at the 2007 Academy of International Business conference. Dr. Merchant has published in several leading strategy and international business journals, and serves on the editorial boards of the Strategic Management Journal, Thunderbird International Business Review, Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences. He is also the ‘Strategy and Business Environment’ editor at the Journal of Asia Business Studies. Dr. Merchant’s research has earned several prestigious awards, including two Douglas C. Mackay Outstanding Paper Award(s) in International Business. Dr. Merchant has been nominated four times for the TD-Canada Trust Distinguished Teaching Award and has been recognized several times for his teaching in Bachelors, Masters, and Executive programs.

    "Professor Merchant has compiled an excellent book on competing and collaborating in emerging markets and with firms from those emerging markets. The book is full of lively on-going cases from Asia to Latin America to Russia and a set of reading chapters that will help the reader better understand various concepts and issues that are unique to the emerging markets.

    It is a must-read for business executives as well as students interested in learning about the peculiarities of, as well as learning from the trials and tribulations of pioneering companies, doing business in various emerging markets around the world."

    --Masaaki Kotabe, The Washburn Chair Professor of International Business and Marketing, Temple University

    "Emerging economies present special challenges for businesses, as many taken-for-granted assumptions about how businesses work do not apply. This collection of readings and cases provides diverse perspectives on business in emerging economies, thus sensitizing readers for the complexity of issues to be aware of when operating in places such as Latin America, India, or China. Managers and students contemplating business in an emerging economy will find a much needed intellectual stimulation to support their business decisions."

    -- Klaus Meyer, University of Bath, U.K.

    "A useful contribution to the emerging literature on competing in emerging economies!"

     --Mike W. Peng, Provost's Distinguished Professor of Global Strategy, University of Texas at Dallas, Editor-in-Chief, Asia Pacific Journal of Management, Author, Global Strategy and Global Business

    "Dr. Merchant's new book Competing in Emerging Markets: Cases and Readings provides a valuable treasure house of new cases specifically developed for emerging markets. The need for such materials has been long felt by those teaching the subject. Its readings are excellent, well chosen and closely related to the cases. I recommend the book to teachers of strategy and international business, both in the Developed and Emerging markets teaching the subject."

    --S. Manikutty, Professor of Business Policy, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad