1st Edition

Competition Policy in Europe and North America Economic Issues and Institutions

    First Published in 2001. This volume considers the impact of competition policy on economic behaviour in the world's two largest economic areas.

    Chapter 1 Introduction: Competition and Competition Policy in Market Economies, AlexisJacquemin; Chapter 2 Economic Foundations of Competition Policy, Janusz A.Ordover; Chapter 3 United States Antitrust Policy: Issues and Institutions, William S.Comanor; Chapter 4 Canadian Competition Law: 100 Years of Experimentation, LeonardWaverman; Chapter 5 UK Competition Policy: Issues and Institutions, Ken George; Chapter 6 French Competition Policy in Perspective, F. Jenny; Chapter 7 Competition Policy in West Germany: A Comparison with the Antitrust Policy of the United States, Erhard Kantzenbach; Chapter 8 Competition Policy in the European Community*The views expressed in this Chapter are personal ones and are in no way attributable to the Commission’s thinking on competition issues. The authors are grateful to Mr. Hans Liesner for comments on an earlier draft., Ken George, Alexis Jacquemin; Chapter 9 Conclusions for Competition Policy, William S. Comanor;


    University of California, Santa Barbara, USA,
    University College of Swansea, UK,
    Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium,
    E.S.S.E.C, Paris, France,
    Institut für wirtschaftsforschung, Hamburg, Federal Republic of Germany,
    New York University, USA,
    University of Toronto, Canada,
    University of Toronto, Canada