Competition and Cooperation in Economics and Business : Proceedings of the Asia-Pacific Research in Social Sciences and Humanities, Depok, Indonesia, November 7-9, 2016: Topics in Economics and Business book cover
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Competition and Cooperation in Economics and Business
Proceedings of the Asia-Pacific Research in Social Sciences and Humanities, Depok, Indonesia, November 7-9, 2016: Topics in Economics and Business

ISBN 9781138626669
Published October 23, 2017 by Routledge
504 Pages

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Book Description

Asia and the Pacific have become the growth engine of the world economy with the contribution of two-third of the global growth. The book discusses current issues in economics, business, and accounting in which economic agents, as individuals, entrepreneurs and professionals, as well as countries in the Asia and Pacific regions compete and collaborate with each other and with the rest of the globe. Areas covered in the book include economic development and sustainability, labor market competition, Islamic economic and business, marketing, finance, accounting standard compliances, and taxation. It will help shed light on what business and economic scholars in regions have done in terms of research and knowledge development, as well as the new frontiers of research that have been explored and opening up.

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Table of Contents

Supporting factors and the effect of an Initial Public Offering (IPO) on an Islamic bank: The first case in Indonesia
D. Siswantoro

Analysis of behavior and determinants of cost stickiness in manufacturing companies in Indonesia
F. Yunaz & C. Sasongko

The effect of ownership structure, board of commissioners’ effectiveness and audit committee effectiveness on firm value: An empirical study of listed companies in the Indonesia stock exchange 2014
F. Yosi & R. Yuniasih

Perception of accounting students and alumni of the influence of internships on skill development
E.Y. Favorieta & R. Yuniasih

Characteristics of local government as Zakat (tithe) collector
D. Siswantoro

Internal audit’s role as a coordinator of combined assurance implementation
R. Kurnia & L. Yulian

Islamic accountability index of cash waqf institution in Indonesia
D. Siswantoro, H. Rosdiana & H. Fathurahman

Sustainability of the productive cash waqf institutions in Indonesia from an N-Helix perspective
D. Siswantoro, H. Rosdiana & H. Fathurahman

Do accrual accounting practice and the supreme audit institution role improve government financial disclosure? Cross-country empirical studies
S.W. Kartiko & S. Utama

Player’s value, field performance, financial performance and stock performance of European football clubs
M.R.W. Putra & G.H. Wasistha

Portfolio formation using the Fama-French five-factor model with modification of a profitability variable: An empirical study on the Indonesian stock exchange
C. Hapsari & G.H. Wasistha

Analysing the impact of the double taxation treaty on foreign direct investment in Indonesia
A. Rizky & C. Tjen

The determinants of working capital requirements of manufacturing firms in Indonesia
S. Wiguna & G.H. Wasistha

Audit opinion, internal control system, bureaucracy reform, political background and the level of corruption in government institutions
D.P.A. Rahayuningtyas & F. Yulia

The effect of corporate governance mechanisms and managerial incentives on corporate tax avoidance in Indonesia
R.Y.F. Perdana & R. Yuniasih

CEO tenure period and earnings management in the banking industry in Indonesia
M.R. Khasandy & D. Adhariani

Factors affecting business lending of regional development banks in Indonesia
R.C. Hapsari & D.A. Chalid

The impact of competition on bank stability in ASEAN-5
H. Lindawati & D.A. Chalid

Making sense of an airline’s logo makeover: The case of garuda Indonesia
A. Andana & H. Mahardika

Reminiscent bundling and product type influence on intention to purchase: A case in music industry
C.A.E. Hindarto, A.Z. Afiff, T.E. Balqiah & H. Mahardika

The measurement of operational risk capital costs with an advanced measurement approach through the loss distribution approach (A case study in one of the Indonesia’s state-owned banks)
R. Hartini, S. Hartoyo & H. Sasongko

Hijab phenomenon in Indonesia: Does religiosity matter?
L. Arifah, N. Sobari & H. Usman

Role of health corporate social responsibility in enhancing quality of life and loyalty: Customer and society perspectives
T.E. Balqiah, N. Sobari, E. Yuliati & R.D. Astuti

Rebalancing strategy analysis on three types of stock portfolios (LQ45, construction, and consumption) in Indonesia for the 2006–2015 period
B. Jesslyn & D.A. Chalid

Impact of foreign institutional and individual ownership on stock return volatility in Indonesia
P.V. Tresna & I.A. Ekaputra

Empirical analysis of the government spending and disparities of education outcomes at the district level in Indonesia
T. Jasmina & H. Oda

Intra-household decision-making and educational attainment in Indonesia
H. Haryani & T. Dartanto

Empowering business incubator in creating technology based entrepreneurs
Hardiana & H. Susanti

Formal sector is not so formal anymore: Informality of work in the formal sector among ethnics
O. Herwantoko, D. Handayani & R. Indrayanti

Determinant factors for a successful collaboration in the leading research program between university and industry
M. Mutiara & H. Susanti

Indonesia’s academic readiness in facing a freer flow of skilled labour in 2015 ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) implementation
B.Y. Gitaharie & L. Soelistianingsih

Financial inclusion: The impacts of bank loans on household welfare
B.Y. Gitaharie, L. Soelistianingsih & T. Djutaharta

Trouble in paradise: How women’s intra-household bargaining power affects marital stability
M.V. Dayanti & T. Dartanto

Analysis on the effects of social norms on local property tax compliance
S. Sukono & S. Djamaluddin

Financial inclusion: Household access to credit in Indonesia
B.Y. Gitaharie, L. Soelistianingsih & T. Djutaharta

Household characteristics and demand for private tutoring in Indonesia
W. Wahyuni & H. Susanti

The income and consumption profiles of public-sector employees: Indications of unreported income
A.L. Tobing & A. Kuncoro

The role of industrial estate characteristics in the export decision of manufacturing firms in Indonesia
M. Sabri, N.D. Nachrowi, W. Soetjipto & M.A. Panennungi

Interdependence and contagion in five ASEAN countries and five developed countries in the area of financial linkages
N. Trihadmini & T.A. Falianty

Fiscal and monetary dynamics: A policy duo for the Indonesian economy
E.Z.W. Yuan & C. Nuryakin

Contract stability and farmer characteristics of contract chilli farming
P.A. Muchtar & C. Nuryakin

The impact of government expenditure on the real exchange rate: An empirical study in Indonesia
I. Prakoso

Impact analysis of excise tariff on market share of cigarette companies, during the period 2009–2015
D.N. Sari & H. Susanti

Impact prediction of British Exit (Brexit) on the Indonesian economy
T.A. Falianty

Dynamics of return on investment for highly educated workers
S. Nurteta, D. Handayani & R. Indrayanti

Factors affecting selective sorting behaviour of household waste: The case of trash bank communities
R. Rahajeng & A. Halimatussadiah

Effectiveness analysis of machinery restructuring program in Indonesia’s Textile and Clothing Industry (ITPT) 2002–2011
L. Shofiyah & T.M. Zakir Machmud

The fragility of competition and cooperation between Indonesia, China and the EU from an SME and cooperative point of view
N.I. Soesilo

Relationship between living arrangements and marital status and the obesity of productive age women in Indonesia
U. Naviandi, T. Wongkaren & L.H.M. Cicih

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Lindawati Gani is a Professor at the Faculty of Economics and Businiess at Universitas Indonesia. Her interests are Cost Accounting and Management Accounting. She has authored articles in British Accounting Review, Accounting Perspective, International Research Journal of Business Studies, International Journal of Accounting, Management Accounting Research. She is also a Vice Chief Editor of Jurnal Akuntansi Keuangan Indonesia. Other than her teaching and research activities, she is actively involved in several institutions such as The Institute of Certified Management Accountant, Institute of Indonesia Chartered Accountant (IAI), Indonesian Institute for Corporate Directorship and Chartered Institute of Management Accountant.

Beta Yulianita Gitaharie is senior lecturer at the Department of Economics and Vice Dean of Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Indonesia. She has interests in macroeconomics, monetary and development economics, including financial inclusion. Some of her research was published as book chapter in ILO Publication and WTO Publication and national academic journals, among others Economics and Finance in Indonesia, Jurnal Ekonomi dan Pembangunan Indonesia. She also contributed to quarterly economic highlights in collaboration between LPEM FEB UI with BCA.

Zaäfri Husodo is a senior lecturer in Finance and Banking at the Department of Management, Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Indonesia. His interests include Frictions in Financial System, Financial System Stability and Financial Inclusion for Sharia and Conventional Finance. He has published in several journals such as Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, Risk Management e-Journal, Contemporary Economics and Indonesian Capital Market Review. He has been a guest reviewer for many academic journals, among others are Emerging Market Review, Jurnal Sesindo, GAMA-IJB, Jurnal BPPK and Jurnal Akuntansi Keuangan Petra.

Ari Kuncoro is a Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Indonesia. His works on this subject published in the Journal of Political Economy and the World Bank Economic Review become the most important works in the field of Indonesian industrial economics. He has been appointed Visiting Research Professor at Brown University, Visiting Scholar at the International Center for the Study of East Asian Development (Japan), Visiting Scholar at the Australian National University and Visiting Fellow at the Royal Netherland Institute for South East Asian and Caribbean Studies in 2008.

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