1st Edition

Competition in the 21st Century

By Kirk Tyson Copyright 1996
    296 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    Business competition will change radically in the next century. Short-sighted companies will go out of business. Survivors will successfully transition from the so-called Information Age of this century to the Intelligence Age of the 21st Century.

    Ten years in the making, this book paints competition of the future based on in-depth research of worldwide business over the past 100 years. By analogy, it shows business competition in its 19th-Century childhood, 20th-Century adolescence, and 21st-Century adulthood. The book highlights new beginnings - the Intelligence Age, highly networked "MegaStrategic Business Entities," and the need for both a "Competitive Knowledge Base" and "Perpetual Strategy Process" to provide an early warning system for executives.

    This is must-reading for business executives, managers and everyday consumers who want to plot a successful course for the future. It is also an invaluable reference tool for educators guiding the business leaders of tomorrow.

    On a Clear Day You Can See the 21st Century
    A Peek at the Future: Industries with the Inside Track and Those That Will Derail
    The New Centurions: A Business Smorgasbord of Successful Global Companies, Leaders and Business Practices of the Future
    Time Warp: The Ghosts of Business Past, Why They're Still Haunting Us, and Their Future Mission
    The Industrial Revolution and Business Evolution: 19th Century Childhood, 20th Century Adolescence and 21st Century Adulthood
    Companies That Have Made a Difference in the 20th Century: What's Their M.O...And Should It be S.O.P for the Future?
    The 20th Century Hall of Fame: The Leaders That Redefined Business and Changed Our Lives
    Best Business Practices of the 20th Century
    Competition in the 21st Century: Achieving Success in the Intelligence Age
    Toward the 22nd Century...
    Appendix 1: Industrial Revolution Timeline
    Appendix 2: 20th Century Business and World Events Timeline
    Appendix 3: International Business Jargon Glossary
    "Tyson's perception of Asian business is obviously based on much research and experience in the region!"
    -James Ku
    Inchcape Pacific, China

    "Tyson's message is one of both future vision and historical perspective...should be required reading for everyone in business."
    -Alan Eisenberg
    AT&T, United States

    "At last an American writes about companies outside of America! He has achieved an excellent balance between Europe, North America and the Asia/Pacific region with his examples."
    -Hans-Jurgen Welz
    Boehringer Mannheim, Germany

    "Tyson's prescription for a 'Perpetual Strategy Process' is timely! Gone are the days when companies could develop their business plans and strategies only once a year."
    -Mike Kosicek
    Westinghouse, United States

    "A great book! Get it. Read it. Now."
    Tim Powell, Infostrat

    "...maps out the crucial role of perpetual strategy, in which constant change is met with an equally swift and decisive decision-making process."