1st Edition

Competitive Sorption and Transport of Heavy Metals in Soils and Geological Media

Edited By H. Magdi Selim Copyright 2013
    426 Pages 121 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    426 Pages 121 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Most reported incidents of soil contamination include an array of heavy metals species rather than a single ion. The various interactions in these multicomponent or multiple-ion systems significantly impact the fate and transport of heavy metals, and competition for sorption sites on soil matrix surfaces is a common phenomenon. Because of this, considering competitive sorption is an important part of predicting contaminant transport. Competitive Sorption and Transport of Heavy Metals in Soils and Geological Media gives you the information needed to understand heavy metals’ sorption and transport in the vadose zone and aquifers.

    The book brings together state-of-the art research on the competitive sorption and mobility of single versus multiple heavy metal species. It also relates the transport mechanisms to the processes that govern sorption mechanisms. The work offers new experimental evidence on the fate of multiple heavy metals in soil columns and new field results on how multiple ions influence the mobility of metals in the soil profile under water-unsaturated flow.

    Emphasizing modeling approaches, the book begins with an overview of the competitive behavior of heavy metals. It then takes a closer look at various heavy metals, discussing their behavior in tropical soils, speciation and fractionation, accumulation, migration, competitive retention, and the contamination of water resources at the watershed scale. The book also presents extensive data on phosphate, a commonly used fertilizer, and its role in facilitating the release of trace elements. The final chapter looks at the effect of waterlogged conditions on arsenic and cadmium solubilization.

    Edited by an internationally recognized researcher and featuring expert contributors, this comprehensive work addresses the complex physical and chemical phenomena of sorption mechanisms. Presenting the latest research, it helps you to better predict the potential mobility of multiple heavy metals in soils.

    Competitive Sorption of Heavy Metals in Soils: Experimental Evidence
    H.M. Selim

    Equilibrium and Kinetic Modeling of Competitive Heavy Metals Sorption and Transport in Soils
    Hua Zhang and H.M. Selim

    Behavior of Heavy Metals in Soils: Individual and Multiple Competitive Adsorption
    Mauricio Fontes

    Leaching of Antimony from Contaminated Soils
    Kerstin Hockmann and Rainer Schulin

    Mercury Sorption and Desorption by Tropical Soils
    Wanderley José de Melo

    Sorption of Heavy Metals in Tropical Soils
    Estêvão Vicari Mellis, José Carlos Casagrande, Márcio Roberto Soares, Mara Cristina Pessôa da Cruz, and Otávio Antônio de Camargo

    Influence of Selenium Speciation and Fractionation on its Mobility in Soils
    Isabelle Le Hécho, Julie Tolu, Yves Thiry, Maïté Bueno, and Martine Potin-Gautier

    Transport Parameters and Sorption-Desorption of Zn and Cu in Soddy Soils of the Upper Volga
    Natalia Barsova and Galina Motuzova

    Sorption and Desorption of Heavy Metals in Low-Activity Clays under Coffee Tracts of South India
    Maria Violet D'Souza and S.M. Prasanna

    Non-Point Source of Alkaline Earth Elements Contamination in Agricultural Watersheds
    Moustafa Ali Elrashidi

    Release Rates of Solutes from Phosphatic Shales in Southeast Idaho, USA
    Michael C. Amacher and Lisa L. Stillings

    Arsenic and Cadmium Solubilization and Immobilization in Paddy Soils in Response to Alternate Submergence and Drainage
    Ken Nakamura and Hidetaka Katou



    H. Magdi Selim is professor of soil physics, A. George and Mildred L. Caldwell Endowed Professor, School of Plant, Environmental and Soil Science at Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge. He is internationally recognized for his research in the areas of kinetics of reactive chemicals in heterogeneous porous media and transport modeling of dissolved chemicals in water-saturated and unsaturated soils. Dr. Selim is the original developer of the two-site and second-order models for describing the retention processes of dissolved chemicals in soils and natural materials in porous media. Pioneering works also include multistep/multireaction and nonlinear kinetic models for heavy metals, radionuclides, explosive contaminants, and phosphorus and pesticides in soils and subsurface media. His research interests include saturated and unsaturated water flow in multilayered one- and two-dimensional systems.