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    The new edition of Complete Psychology is the definitive undergraduate textbook. It not only fits exactly with the very latest BPS curriculum and offers integrated web support for students and lecturers, but it also includes guidance on study skills, research methods, statistics and careers. Complete Psychology provides excellent coverage of the major areas of study . Each chapter has been fully updated to reflect changes in the field and to include examples of psychology in applied settings, and further reading sections have been expanded.

    The companion website, www.completepsychology.co.uk, has also been fully revised and now contains chapter summaries, author pages, downloadable presentations, useful web links, multiple choice questions, essay questions and an electronic glossary. Written by an experienced and respected team of authors, this highly accessible, comprehensive text is illustrated in full colour, and quite simply covers everything students need for their first-year studies as well as being an invaluable reference and revision tool for second and third years.

    Section 1 Conceptual and historical issues
    Section 2 Psychobiology
    Section 3 Cognitive psychology
    Section 4 Developmental psychology
    Section 5 Social psychology
    Section 6 Personality and intelligence
    Section 7 Psychopathology and health psychology
    Section 8 Research methods and statistics
    Section 9 Careers and study skills


    Graham Davey is Professor of Psychology at the University of Sussex. He is an experimental psychologist with research interests in clinical and abnormal psychology and learning theory. He has published over 100 research papers in scientific journals and has written and edited 10 books, including Phobias: A Handbook of Theory, Research and Treatment (1997) and Worrying: Perspectives on Theory, Assessment and Treatment (1994). He was President of the British Psychological Society from 2002-3.

    The present volume is a major enterprise, into which much work, and much information has been poured.
    The Psychology of Education Review (about the first edition)

    It is ahead of it's time scholastically - state of the art research; colour coding helps retain critical information. This will be the leading introduction for British undergraduates in psychology for the next few decades.
    Dr A Cassidy, Belfast Institute of Further & Higher Education (about the first edition)

    This text is a complete education in psychological science from a contemporary critical perspective, provocative and engages the reader to think critically about the application of psychological principles in everyday human behaviour and social interaction.

    Dr A Cassidy, Belfast Institute of Further & Higher Education (about the first edition)

    "..Like the layout of the book...easy to find what you are looking for...easy to read."

    Patricia Clarke, Liverpool John Moores University