Complex Dynamics : Families and Friends book cover
1st Edition

Complex Dynamics
Families and Friends

Edited By

Dierk Schleicher

ISBN 9780367384944
Published October 23, 2019 by A K Peters/CRC Press
663 Pages

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Book Description

Complex Dynamics: Families and Friends features contributions by many of the leading mathematicians in the field, such as Mikhail Lyubich, John Milnor, Mitsuhiro Shishikura, and William Thurston. Some of the chapters, including an introduction by Thurston to the general subject of complex dynamics, are classic manuscripts that were never published before but have influenced the field for more than two decades. Other chapters contain fresh, original work and bring readers to the current frontier of research. The title reflects the fruitful interplay between diverse mathematical fields bound together by the common theme of complex dynamics, including hyperbolic geometry, number theory, group theory, combinatorics, general dynamics, and many more. At the same time, the title alludes to the spirit of mathematical friendship among the researchers in this area. This book is a tribute to John Hubbard, one of the most inspiring pioneers in the field of complex dynamics.

Table of Contents

Polynomial Dynamics from Combinatorics to Topology. On the Geometry and Dynamics of Iterated Rational Maps. Appendix: Laminations, Julia Sets, and the Mandelbrot Set. Wandering Gaps for Weakly Hyperbolic Polynomials. Combinatorics of Polynomial Iterations. The Unicritical Branner-Hubbard Conjecture. A Priori Bounds for Some Infinitely Renormalizable Quadratics, III: Molecules. Beyond Polynomials: Rational and Transcendental Dynamics. The Connectivity of the Julia Set and Fixed Points. The Rabbit and Other Julia Sets Wrapped in Sierpinski Carpets. The Teichmuller Space of an Entire Function. Two Complex Dimensions. Cubic Polynomial Maps with Periodic Critical Orbit, Part I. Analytic Coordinates Recording Cubic Dynamics. Cubic Polynomials: A Measurable View of Parameter Space. Bifurcation Measure and Postcritically Finite Rational Maps. Real Dynamics of a Family of Plane Birational Maps: Trapping Regions and Entropy Zero. Making New Friends. The Hunt for Julia Sets with Positive Measure. On Thurston’s Pullback Map. On the Boundary Behavior of Thurston’s Pullback Map. Computing Arithmetic Invariants for Hyperbolic Reflection Groups.

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Dierk Schleicher is a professor of mathematics at Jacobs University in Bremen, Germany.