1st Edition

Complex Oceanographic Research on the Black Sea

Edited By Eremeev Copyright 1992

    This book contains articles by oceanographic researchers from the (former) USSR and presents new data on various aspects of the Black Sea. The topics include Black Sea thermohaline, hydrochemical and optical structures, the dynamics of the Main Black Sea current and deep layers, wave phenomena in shelf areas and modelling of complex marine systems. Aslo included are some experimentally derived results which allow a deeper insight into the problem of O2 and H2S coexistence in the Black Sea. The commonplace notions about the structure of the oxic/anoxic interface are critically evaluated.

    Preface THERMOHALINE AND OPTICAL STRUCTURE OF WATERS AND THE DYNAMICS OF THE SEA About the motions of deep layers in the Black Sea V.S. Latun Vertical mixing in the Black Sea S.G. Boguslavsky, V.A. Zhorov and E.M. Porotskaya Some preliminary results of the investigations of the main Black Sea current kinematics in the central section of the basin during winter 1988 N.P. Bulgakov, Yu.N. Golubev and A.V. Nazin Theoretical parameters of trapped waves in the Black Sea V.A. Ivanov and A.E. Yankovsky Observations and monitoring of the hydrometeorological state of the Black Sea from satellities G.A. Grishin Some peculiarities of the sea surface dynamics in the deep section of the Black Sea A.S. Kukushkin Relationship between white disc visibility and the light attenuation index in the Black Sea V.I. Mankovsky and L.A. Zemlyanaya Investigations of the optical structure of waters in the western Black Sea N.A. Sorokina, V.G. Lyubartsev and E.E. Pavlova MODELLING OF COMPLEX MARINE SYSTEMS A linear analytical model for stabilized currents in the Bosporus S.R. Aivazyan and S.N. Bulgakov A logical and information model of the coastal ecosystem applied to the problems of protection of the Black Sea recreational resources M.Yu. Khudoshina An integral model for predicting the biological object's state E.P. Davydova, N.I. Mavrenko and T.V. Plastun CHEMISTRY OF THE SEA The problem of the determination of the oxic/anoxic interface in the Black Sea A.A. Novoselov The fine geochemical structure of the oxic/anoxic layer in the Black Sea A.A. Bezborodov Dissolved and suspended organic matter in the Black Sea during the winter-spring period A.I. Agatova, Z.P. Burlakova, L.V. Eremeeva and N.I. Torgunova