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Complexity in Social Science

About the Series

This interdisciplinary series encourages social scientists to embrace a complex systems approach to studying the social world. A complexity approach to the social world has expanded across the disciplines since its emergence in the mid-to-late 1990s, and this can only continue as disciplines continue to change, data continue to diversify, and governance and responses to global social issues continue to challenge all involved. Covering a broad range of topics from big data and time, globalization and health, cities and inequality, and methodological applications, to more theoretical or philosophical approaches, this series responds to these challenges of complexity in the social sciences – with an emphasis on critical dialogue around, and application of these ideas in, a variety of social arenas as well as social policy.

The series will publish research monographs and edited collections between 60,000–90,000 words that include a range of philosophical, methodological and disciplinary approaches, which enrich and develop the field of social complexity and push it forward in new directions.

David Byrne is Emeritus Professor at the School of Applied Social Sciences, Durham University, UK.

Brian Castellani is Professor of Sociology at Durham University and Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry at Northeastern Ohio Medical University.

Emma Uprichard is Reader at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies, University of Warwick, UK. She is also director of the Nuffield, ESRC, HEFCE funded Warwick Q-Step Centre aimed at promoting quantitative methods across the social sciences.

Lasse Gerrits is Professor of Urban Planning at the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam (the Netherlands).

8 Series Titles

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Emotions, Embodied Cognition and the Adaptive Unconscious A Complex Topography of the Social Making of Things

Emotions, Embodied Cognition and the Adaptive Unconscious: A Complex Topography of the Social Making of Things

1st Edition

By John A. Smith
May 06, 2022

Emotions, Embodied Cognition and the Adaptive Unconscious argues for the need to consider many other factors, drawn from disciplines such as socio-biology, evolutionary psychology, the study of the emotions, the adaptive unconscious, the senses and conscious deliberation in analysing the complex ...

Governing Complexity in the 21st Century

Governing Complexity in the 21st Century

1st Edition

By Neil E. Harrison, Robert Geyer
November 05, 2021

Governing Complexity in the 21st Century surveys the ways in which social systems are becoming more complex. It shows how this complexity impacts every aspect of life for individuals, governments and societies in most social systems at individual, regional, national and global scales and explores ...

Inequality in a Context of Climate Crisis after COVID A Complex Realist Approach

Inequality in a Context of Climate Crisis after COVID: A Complex Realist Approach

1st Edition

By David Byrne
June 18, 2021

Inequality in a Context of Climate Crisis after COVID uses a complex realist approach to examine the crisis of three interconnected problems: economic inequality, climate change, and the COVID-19 pandemic. Widely acknowledged as the key driver of political discontent and social instability, ...

Realism and Complexity in Social Science

Realism and Complexity in Social Science

1st Edition

By Malcolm Williams
December 31, 2020

Realism and Complexity in Social Science is an argument for a new approach to investigating the social world, that of complex realism. Complex realism brings together a number of strands of thought, in scientific realism, complexity science, probability theory and social research methodology. It ...

Social Synthesis Finding Dynamic Patterns in Complex Social Systems

Social Synthesis: Finding Dynamic Patterns in Complex Social Systems

1st Edition

By Philip Haynes
July 16, 2019

How is it possible to understand society and the problems it faces? What sense can be made of the behaviour of markets and government interventions? How can citizens understand the course that their lives take and the opportunities available to them? There has been much debate surrounding what ...

The Defiance of Global Commitment A Complex Social Psychology

The Defiance of Global Commitment: A Complex Social Psychology

1st Edition

By Brian Castellani
July 16, 2019

The Brexit vote; the election of Trump; the upsurge of European nationalism; the devolution of the Arab Spring; global violence; Chinese expansionism; disruptive climate change; the riotous instabilities of the world capitalist system…While diverse in nature, these events share a common denominator...

Sociology and Human Ecology Complexity and Post-Humanist Perspectives

Sociology and Human Ecology: Complexity and Post-Humanist Perspectives

1st Edition

By John A Smith, Chris Jenks
July 12, 2019

Traditionally, Sociology has identified its subject matter as a distinct set – social phenomena – that can be taken as quite different and largely disconnected from potentially relevant disciplines such as Psychology, Economics or Planetary Ecology. Within Sociology and Human Ecology, Smith and ...

Agile Actors on Complex Terrains Transformative Realism and Public Policy

Agile Actors on Complex Terrains: Transformative Realism and Public Policy

1st Edition

By Graham Room
June 07, 2017

This book assesses the value and relevance of the literature on complex systems to policy-making, contributing to both social theory and policy analysis. For this purpose it develops two key ideas: agile action and transformative realism. The book takes some major themes from complexity science, ...

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